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homemade sandana and painted mask!

15 August 2009 - 01:39 PM

hello i made a sandana out of a old practice football jersey and a bandana it was super simple all i did was like glued/ sewed aka just bacicly tied it up cause i have no idea how to sew but anywaysthis is how it turned out. questions or comments pm me or just comment. xD
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I also painted my mask. to do this i used a PLASTIC primer because if you use a normal primer it will eat you mask because of the acitone in it. then i use a normal spray paint and painted the blue the to make the splatters i sprayed the color in a dixie cup then used a old brush to flick it on. when you splatter it a spray paint works good because it is realy liquidy
thanks post your pictures of your own ideas and you can also use mine comment or pm me!
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