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10 May 2012 - 09:10 PM

Barrel: CP TECHPB LTD Barrel
Bore size(s): .691
Condition: 8.5/10 (one very small scratch and one or two very light scratches that can only be seen if you look for it and have GOOD lighting)
Color and finish: Dust Black
Barrel/tip length: 14"
Threads: Autococker
One or Two Piece: One
Known Problems: none
Asking Price: $25 shipped
Shipping Options: USPS
Trades of interest: none
Location of item: 62220 (until 4/17)
What is Included: What you see

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Xtreme Paintball Park (Home of Total Greif) was robbed on 10/22/11

23 October 2011 - 12:19 PM

Xtreme Paintball Park (Home of Total Greif) was robbed on 10/22/11
Xtreme Paintball Park in Millstadt, IL (Near St. Louis) was broken into on 10/22/11. The thieves tripped the alarm. At this time, these are the guns that are missing. They are fairly rare/easily identifiable guns. All the guns are CCM Pumps, usually in Purple/Silver or Purple/Gold anno. Also, most are lasered Total Greif and with Tore/Sal's name on them. I do not have serial numbers at this time.
**NOTE: Some of the guns below might be miscounted for. This list may change, please check back often. If you know anything about these guns please call Tore @ (618) 476-9273 or (314) 452-8990
1 Dust Black with Dust Green accents S5 with 86 Slider frame.
1 Gloss Black S6 Prototype (an SS-25 Body milled to look like an S6) This has anno wear
2 Gloss Purple/Silver SS-25. Total Greif and Tore/Sal all over these guns.
1 Gloss Purple S6 Total Greif and Sal's name
1 Gloss Purple/Blue S6 Total Greif and Tore's name
1 Gloss Deep Purple T2 with top tube inserts. Has Gloss silver accents, Total Greif and Sal's name
1 Gloss Maroon/Black T2 with 86 frame
1 Gloss Purple/Gold T2 with Total Greif/Sal's name
1 Gloss Purple/Gold S6.5 Total Greif and Sal's name

Original post: http://www.pbnation....d.php?t=3694167

2006 MacDev Cyborg

22 July 2011 - 01:35 PM

MacDev 2006 Cyborg

9/10 minor scratches

White w/ black accents

Virtue board, 10" .685 St!ffi

Known Problems:
First shot drop off?

Asking Price:
$400 Shipped obo

Shipping Options:
USPS Flat rate box unless you want somthing elses

Trades of interest:
Anything I want I would have to add but I have no money to add

Location of item:

What is Included:
What you see; 10x o-ring rebuild kit, 5 grip screws, MacDev sticker, Printed Copy of the board manual

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WTB: Stock RT On/Off

28 May 2011 - 02:23 PM

I would like to buy the stock On/Off Assembly for the RT ULE Custom, RT Pro Retro Valve, X-Valve and old Automag RT markers.

Just let me know

WGP 98 Autococker

26 April 2011 - 04:21 PM


: WGP 98 Autococker
Condition: Good
Color: Black, red, chrome
Upgrades: ANS- lpr, hpr, 3 way, ram, hammer, poppet, bolt. Kapp- back block, beaver tail, and trigger frame (not too sure about the frame though)
Known Problems: none that effect performance but some of the chrome is flacking, scratches and dings on the hpr, lpr, 3 way.
Asking Price:
$120 shipped USPS with CMI Thunder Pig or Dye Xcel
$160 shipped USPS with .685 Stiffi
$180 shipped USPS with .685 Stiffi, CMI Thunder Pig, Dye Xcel
Shipping Options: USPS priority, but I am flexible
Trades of interest:
Dye Rotor (black)
Location of item: Belleville, IL
What is Included: Autococker, .685 Stiffi, CMI Thunder Pig, Dye Xcel

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