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Apex Tip

27 November 2009 - 11:43 PM


I just bought an SP1 and I want to put an apex tip on it. I was looking at getting this but wondered if there is a cheaper way to go. I also don't like the barrel only being 12''. I tried searching for just the tip and adaptor for my current barrel but couldn't find them sold seperately.

So, are the tips even sold seperately? And if they are, where can I get one? Posted Image


MW2 questions

12 November 2009 - 11:12 PM

I saw a buddy of mine playing MW2 yesterday and was impressed by the game, but I've never gotten into the COD series at all. I've only played some of the older COD games a couple times. They were ok, but I was more interested in other games at the time so never took them up.

So I'm wondering if MW2 is easy to get into for someone not familiar with the series.


22 October 2009 - 01:05 AM

I went to cru paintball and they let me shoot a Luxe. It was fucking awesome. I just really needed to share that with someone. Thanks.

I've never been closer to hitting a woman than I was tonight.

07 September 2009 - 01:52 AM

So, its about midnight and I'm walking through a field with a couple friends toward our camp fire. I'm about 10 yards in front of my two friends. We had just walked to the ohter side of the property to check something out, we weren't playing paintball or anything so we had on t-shirts and jeans. At this time, this stupid bitch sitting by the fire deicdes it would be a good idea to shoot us with a paintball marker. So she grabs my buddy's marker-which was sitting in the back of his truck-and when I get 30 yards away she opens up on us.

Earlier in the day, I had set this marker up for the girl because she had never shot one and wanted to try it out. She was just trying the marker out on a target so I loaded it with 4 month old Monsterballs that had been sitting in an old barn all that time. Let's just say they were a little extra 'bouncy'. When I hear the marker, I figure they're shooting off into the woods so I look up just in time to <SMACK> take one to the temple. I quickly turn my head and put my hand over my eyes. My friends and I yell to stop shooting because we don't have masks on.

<SMACK> <SMACK> she hits me twice in the back of the hand covering my eyes. All we can hear is laughter and CO2 coming from the area of the fire. She keeps waiting for us to come closer and shooting at us intermittenly. So my friends take off for the barn. At this point, I've been hit over a dozen times and I'm less than 10 yards away now. I yell something at her that gets her to stop shooting (I can't repeat what I said on here) and as I get closer this is our conversation.

Me: WTF do you think you're doin', you're gonna hurt somebody with that.

Dumb Bitch: <laughing> no I'm not, I didn't even hit you guys.

Me: You hit me like three times in the head.

DB: No I didn't.

Me: Bitch, which one of us do you think has a better idea of how many times you hit me?

DB: <blank stare, looks like she's almost about to cry>.

I snatched the marker out of her hands and went to the barn before I could do somethin stupid, explaining to her over my shoulder how intelligent and considerate I thought her actions had been <sarcasm>.

And that is the closest I've ever come to hitting a woman.

<end of rant>

Feedback for pbkitch

02 September 2009 - 07:56 PM

You know the drill, anyone who has done business with me feel free to leave feeback here.