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Hot Pink Closer & Etek w/star frame F/S/T

11 February 2013 - 09:23 PM

Both Markers are Gone! Mods Please close this thread. Thank you!

So its been too long since I've played paintball, and owning three guns when I only have two hands just doesn't make sense! I am looking to Sell or trade these two guns for 1 plus cash, or outright.

All shipping will be USPS with tracking on me. Willing to up to Fedex, but will need to negotiate price.
Both Markers are located in Oklahoma City OK

Marker: Etek Ego 1
Condition: 8.5
Color: Grey and Black
Upgrades: Star frame, Cure bolt 3, laser eyes (Red)
Known Problems: missing one screw on the frame on each side (shown) one eye wire has some tape from the previous owner. I have *Never* had this gun fail to perform.
Asking Price: $225
What is Included: Marker, and 1 piece BL barrel (.691)
shooting vid
Posted Image
Posted Image
pic of eye wire that has some tape.
Posted Image
pics of the breach
Posted Image
Posted Image
Marker: Bob Long Closer
Condition: 9.5
Color: Hot Pink
Upgrades: 4c eyes, Quick disconnect bolt, Lurker Turbo Spring
Known Problems: missing spring on trigger because previous owner wanted a lighter pull
Asking Price: GONE!
What is Included: Marker, two piece 14" BL Barrel (.688) , Pressure tester, and ego 7 case modded for it.