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taser certified!

25 January 2013 - 08:44 AM

So, for part of my police academy training i had to get taser certified in order to carry a taser (x26 to be specific) i also have to get my ass handed to me by getting lit up by a taser. needless to say i am now a certified taser user.

all i have to say, DONT MESS WITH THE POLICE BECAUSE GETTING TASED HURTS LIKE A BIZZNATCH. i'd rather get tased then pepper sprayed anyday.

need help on my long journey!

13 February 2012 - 01:52 PM

hey guys, since im moving from cali to florida and i have to drive my ass out there, i wanted to know what i should take for the 5-6 day roadtrip.

keep in mind that this is what im taking:

my 2001 toyota tacoma
both of my dogs
im going to be towing a 5x8 uhaul trailer full of furniture. (probably not all the way full)
oh and my sisterPosted Image

heres what i feel i need so far:

1.medical kit
2.road flares
3.tire iron
4.car jack
5.extra gas tank

what else should i bring?

has anyone ever traveled long distances?

10 February 2012 - 06:30 AM

im kind of clueless on what to do.my sister and i are moving from california to florida in a couple weeks. i need some cheap options on how to transport all of my belongings. we are taking both of our cars (she owns a saturn ion and i own a toyota tacoma)and some furniture from our rooms, like a dresser,tv, two twin sized beds,mini fridge and clothes. oh and my great dane and dutch shepherd.Posted Image

so my options are:

1.go by plane (wich is cheapest) but im pretty sure shipping both cars and all of my belongings is going to cost me a shit ton of money.

2.my other option is to drive but we dont want to take both cars because we wont be able to alternate drivers so one of us can drive during the day and the other at night.

so i was thinking of maybe shipping my sisters car and i go in my truck, buy a uhaul trailer to tow all of my belongings and drive to florida, but when i guestimated the price it was about $2200.

gas for truck: roughly $500-$600
uhaul trailer: $280-$300
shipping the car: $700-$900
staying at motels/hotels: maybe $200-$250?
food: $200-$300

do you guys think this is my cheapest option? i am really in need of some help. thank you guys in advance.

1 of 1? reverse poison ripper victory!

10 February 2012 - 02:41 AM

PRICE DROP!!hey guys, today i have my ripper victory for sale or trade. the only reason im putting this baby up for sale is because im moving to florida in a few weeks so i am hoping for a quick sale. The only trades i want are axes or ethas. i need the money so cash is king.

marker:bob long ripper victory
condition:8.5/10 little knick on the back cap shown in picture.
color:reverse poison
known problems:none
asking price:PRICE DROP!!!! 950 OBO!!!
shipping options:usps
trades of interest:axes or ethas plus cash ONLY!
location of item:perris ca
what is included:gat wrap,both barrel backs,barrel front,box, manual, and spare parts kit.

Posted Image
Posted Image

picture of knick

Posted Image
Posted Image