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$50 bucks need some new gear!

11 July 2010 - 09:01 AM

ok so my birthday is coming up and im getting a azodin zenith and a tourque loader right now i have a spyder xtra with a revvy eyes and a nice hpa tank but my vents mask is falling apart bad and i out grew my pants so much that i cant wear them so these are my choices wit my $50 now that u know the situation

choice one
vforce provantage $30 and this pair of diablo nice paintball pants that are $20!!!!

choice 2
just get vforce profilers and what to my b day to get pants

and i have 1 tournament from now to my b day and many practices so pans would help alot as will a new mask and these items i will not buy used cus i dont want a beat up mask and somebodys elses sweaty pants dat they wore.

dangerous power g3 or invert mini

25 April 2010 - 09:05 AM

ok so this summer im getting a new gun. im gona only spend about $300. so should i get the dangerous power g3 basic or invert mini basic?

tournament tips video

22 April 2010 - 07:24 AM

hey mike so last night i thought id love to here some tricks and tips for tournaments. because my team is doing our first tournamnet and i know a lot of other people would like to see this video cause everybody could use some pointers. the tips dont have to be just on the field they can be off to like how to prepare for a tournament or something i havent thought of a name for it yet though. PLEASE MIKE


gun help

20 April 2010 - 07:39 PM

ok so im not really new to paintball but this is a stupid question. i have a couple of nice guns for myself but my friend has all the gear except a gun. so i gave him a viewloader triton 2 with a 14'' dye barrel and we test shot in our field and suprisingly it shot very nice. but the next day went to shoot it again and we had a hooper with paintball a half full 20oz co2 tank and when we cocked the bolt back and pulled the trigger it didnt shoot the bolt just went back like it was being shot with no co2 or hopper it just went back and we did it again and it did the same thing how can we fix this problem? plzzzzz help we have a tournament this weekend and we gotta fix this

tournament help

14 April 2010 - 02:44 PM

hey this saturday im doing my first paintball tournament with my team. its a 3 man tournament. this is my teams first tourny so do u have any tips for us its a d3 tourny so just post som tips