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29 August 2009 - 10:28 PM

i know, i dont care, just saying.. i told he yesterday that she was gonna pass me quick and she was like its 107.

In Topic: Ultra?Trance Enegry? WMC?

29 August 2009 - 10:27 PM

I listen to Drun & Bass, techno trance, house. ETC..... USe to go to raves, and festivals, but dont anymore. just listen to the music......

In Topic: True Or False Game

29 August 2009 - 10:25 PM

False! Never just drama production(boss)

the next poster is a girl.

In Topic: True Or False Game

29 August 2009 - 12:25 AM

false! i have a wife and kid

The next player probably got threw 5 page of this and said screw it and just posted.

In Topic: Musician's club.

28 August 2009 - 10:02 PM

I played bass for a year and a half about 5 years ago, then my shit got jacked and i gave up.