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Anything like the Infinity Legend?

29 April 2012 - 09:05 AM

Getting really tired of my markers crapping out on me and having to spend a lot of time getting them back up to working order. Dont get me wrong, ive got some great markers, its just that they have a tendency to fail when I need them the most (murphys law and all that) So I want a backup gun that just works. All the time, every time.

Then latsabb told me about the Infinity Legend, I watched his stuff on it and saw him having one as his backup. Started to look around for a decent one, but noone with a decent gun wants to ship to Norway for some reason :P And its frustrating.

So, anyone know of a marker in the same pricerange as the Infinity Legend that is as reliable and is maybe still in production?

The pinnacle of popits!

21 April 2012 - 03:53 PM

Seems like all the new 1500USD+ guns coming out these days are spoolies. And im starting to wonder if we have reached the maximum potential when it comes to popits. There just is not much more we can do to improve them. They are incredibly reliable, efficient and light! Im thinking of getting myself a new popit as a backup, and I want the very best overall :)

There are some that would argue that we still can make them smoother and more quiet, but this will be hard to do without compromising their efficiency. So I was wondering what people think is the best popit out there? Im talking all popits, old and new, highend and budget.

Ill start. Mine is the Cyborg RX. Smoothest popit ive ever shot. The vanguard creed is on a close second, mostly because its so quiet. On the bottom of my list I have the EGO (because of its high ammount of kick, even when broken in, and I know, ive shot and owned the 08,09,10 and an SL74.) and at the second worst place ive got the 2011G6R. I own one, but im getting rid of it because the pinging sound it makes when it shoots drives me nuts and its loud as hell :P

There are a lot of popits ive never touched, much less shot, so all input is appreciated.

So, what is YOUR favorite and why?

Macdev Clone VX problem.

05 April 2012 - 04:00 PM

Played with it today, put about 1000 reballs through it, shot like a champ on steroids. Then it starts acting up, fires 1-2 shots @ normal fps then stutters and fires 1-3 meters. Sometimes the bolt just does not want to go forward. The ball just sits there and the bolt stops when it reaches it. Acts the same as if you put your finger in the feedneck and shoot. Dryfires like a champ and the air coming out then feels like normal fps. Orings on the bolt look okay, relubed the entire thing 2-3 times and still the same. Now I just do not know what to do. All suggestions welcome.

Guide: How to magnet mod your Clone Trigger.

05 April 2012 - 07:31 AM

You do this on your own, there will be risks involved and I will not take responsibility if you screw it up.

The magnets used are rare-earth magnets that are permanently magnetized. They are made from an alloy of neodymium, iron, and boron. If you want some just google "neodymium magnets" and you will find plety of shops that sell them, but you might have to search a bit to find a shop that sells the dimensions you will want for this project.

I bought the ones I used from a danish website (MagNordic.com). The ones used are 4x2 mm and disc shaped.

Remeber that these magnets are very powerfull and can interfere with pacemakers. They can allso be harmfull if ingested, so if you have kids be carefull. You can allso get larget magnets and sand them down so they fit, but I do not recommend this as neodymium magnet dust is magnetic and a conductor. If you get this on your board or on anything else electrical it might short the circut and ruin it.

You will need:

- Three x 4x2 mm disc shaped neodymium magnets. Im sure other magnets can be used, but might not be powerfull enough to give the smoothness that you want.

- One tube of epoxy. I use epoxy instead of superglue to ensure that the magnet stays put. Superglue becomes brittle and does not adhere well to aluminium.

- Wooden Toothpicks. I used them to place and mould the epoxy on the magnets, allso used them to hold the magnet in place while the epoxy cures.

- Paper Towels/Wet Wipes/e.t.c. Spilling epoxy can be bad, it sticks to pretty much everything and when its cured you will have a tough time removing it. So keep these handy!

- A clean and level work surface that you can clean easily and that you might not mind getting epoxy stains on.

Remember that most epoxy mixes cure fast, so make sure everything is ready BEFORE you mix it.

First strip down your marker by removing the grips, eye wires and solenoid wire. Be carefull when removing the wires, allways pull them out by the connectors so you do not risk pulling out the wires. We do this so you do not risk getting epoxy on them. It should look something like this:

Posted Image

Secondly strip down your trigger by removing the spring from the back and unscrewing the trigger pin. Then unscrew the screw spring adjustment screw. You should end up with something like this:

Posted Image

After that you can place one of the 4x2mm magnets on the tip of the adjustment screw. You should allso prepare your workspace and ready the epoxy for mixing.

Posted Image

Then stack two of the magnets. Let then stick so you know they are aligned right. Mix your epoxy and use a dental pic point to drip it in to the spring cradle. Be carefull not to get it anywhere else, I cant stress enought what a nightmare it is to clean off if you get it places you do not want it.

Place the magnets in to the spring cradle and gently prop them in place with dental pics. The magnets will be attracted to anything metal (like the microswitch activation handle) so you might have to prop it in place with quite a few dental picks.

Posted Image

Immediately after this you take the third and last magnet and swipe it over the stack of magnets in the spring cradle. Prop them in place with a dental pick so the are not attracted. Do this to check allignment of the magnet and find out which side is the repulsor side.

MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE RIGHT SIDE! If you do not have the correct
side the magnets will be attracted to each other and the magnet mod will not work!

Then epoxy the magnet to the tip of the spring adjustment screw. Let this cure for 24 hours so you have full epoxy strength.

After the epoxy has cured you can screw the spring adjustment screw in to the back of your trigger. This will make it somewhat adjustable so you can increase/decrease the distance between the magnets to get the trigger feel to your liking. You should also make sure that the magnets do not touch when you actuate the trigger. They are brittle and will break if banged together repeatedly. When you are done it should look something like this:

Posted Image

Playing with the magnet mod is sweet and the trigger feels much more responsive and "snappy". Enjoy and good luck!

PM me if you have any questions or feedback on this mod. Remember that im Norwegian and my first language is not english so grammar might be a problem. But im sure you get the gist of it ;)

And then I broke my Clone.

29 January 2012 - 11:14 AM

So I took a nasty fall. Broke my face, my hopper and my Clone ASA. Anyone have this happen to them before? And any chance of getting a new one from Macdev? I was going to shoot them an email, but I thought that I might check with your guys first if there any chance of getting a replacement.

Clone anno is Brown/Gold.

And here are the pics:

Posted Image

Posted Image