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Why are all Spyders "bad"? Specifically?

19 August 2009 - 12:29 AM

I recently returned to Paintball after a 14 year absence.
I have been doing research on the web about paint ball and decided to buy a new gun to play at the field near me (in LI NY). The people I play with (coworkers aged 22-35) have A-5s. We mostly play woodsball, but after catching up on modern paintball games, I wanted to get a gun with more flexibility (not literally). I'm an old pump player (pmi Trracer, still have and use it), so I wanted a simple, inexpensive mechanical gun. I'll look at getting an electric-type after I've gotten more into the sport.
Here's the kicker: with a lack of solid reviews for guns at the sites I went to I eventually decided on the Kingman Spyder XTRA 2009.($109.95) Did I make a mistake? I am at this moment waiting for it to be delivered in the mail. In the descriptions I read online at the mfg's site and the place I ordered it, it sounded like a solid, reliable mechanical gun with potential. But since then, I've found more sites, this one specifically, that say all Spyders are worthless. Why? Is this one ("completely redesinged" according to the site) going to be as bad as all the rest have been?
Is it better than the A-5 all the guys I'm playing with have?

Any sites with reviews of the gun would be helpful, even if it's just to identify what problems I'm going to have with the gun if I can't return it...