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ETCK 1 problems

19 December 2009 - 10:59 AM

Hey guys,

i just have a really quick question. on my etck 1 whenever i turn it on the top "e" flashes double red. i lloked it up in the manual and it said that it ment there was a blockage but i compleatly stripped the gun down and reassembled it and it still doesent work. the solenoid won't activate. i think its something with the micro switch becaauce when i try to enter setup mode it still acts like im not holding the trigger down. i bought the gun off a really good friend without eyes but ive played with out them and it worked fine. just recently it started acting up.
Thanks for the help guys!


24 October 2009 - 10:24 PM

Hey guys. myself and 2 friends have been trying to get a team together for appox 4 months and we have all the necessary elements in place and now all we really need is sponsorship. if anyone knows a place to ask or would be willing to give our new team a hand please let me know.
Thanks so much for the supportive family that Mike Kitty Ced and Willy started here at TechPB.

First Time Playing Paintball.

21 October 2009 - 10:07 PM

First off I want to personally thank you for being coming out and giving the sport of paintball a try. Now lets face it you are obviously a smart person because your out here on the internet looking for informationon on a sport you you probably know little about and a co-worker or phrat boy has just talked you into going to play. "Holy cow look at all those guns! Damn look at the price!! 1500 bucks!"Well to answer your first question(after does it hurt when you get hit)is do I have to go out and buy all the gear and stuff. The answer is... No Way! Check out the fields website and see how much it is to rent the equiptment for a day. Usually in the rental package you'll get a semi-automatic paintball marker setup(nice and easy to operate. 1 pull of the trigger is 1 shot), a shake and shoot hopper(other wise known as a "rock and cock" or "gravity"), your fields rentals may be powered by either High Pressure Air or CO2,(some fields allow you to fill up your HPA tank like all the poeple who have their own stuff but ALWAYS check with the head ref before you attemt to fill your tank. If done incorrectly you could very easily kill yourself and a lot of other people.),a pair of rental goggles(you may want to just go to your local wal-mart and buy a pair for yourself because the rental ones are almost always kinda disgusting). Next you will probably be given a safety orientation on what the field rules are and the "mask-on"policy(most fields require the masks on at all time when on a playing field weathear its walking to the field your going to play on or if your out). If the field dosen't offer a safety orientation thenask one of the ref's they will be more than happy to show you the gun and how it works and such.Now just buy your paintballs and your ready to go out and play some paintball. Some fields have a target range if you would like to take a few test shots of your marker before hand. If they do then go ahead and utalize it!

Paintballs do they hurt when you get hit?
Well, this is a difficult question to answer. The first time it will a little bit, I have compared it to being hit with a rubberband spider bite.Its way under getting a tatoo and compleatly out of the spectrum of breaking a bone. Having done both I can say this with experiance. After the first 1 or 2 games the sting will go away and your adrenaline will cause you not to even feel the hit.

Here is another question.If i get hit in the gun am i out? Yes gun hits do count and wiping(a term used to describe someone who wips the paint off to keep on playing) is highly discouraged.

When you get to the field you will see guys with Egos and DM series guns and now your scared shitless thinking am i gonna have to face that? No Way again because most/all fields have a beginner game and a regular game. If you jump in with the beginner game most of the people will have rentals just like you and there may even be two refs to help you through your first time paintballing.

Now, lets say you play paintball for the first time and you get bit by the paintball bug.(like most of here did). The first thing you have to realize is that paintball IS NOT a cheap sport. There are a few websites that have really good starter packages that will give you every thing you need to start playing every weekend. One site that i recomend to most/all new players is www.discountpaintball.com. They offer really good prices and the people there are really willing to help you out. If you live in Canada, another really good site is www.badlandspaintball.com, their prices are a little higher than discount but if your up in Canada it'll cut down on your shipping cost.The package that i got started out on was the Ion package with an eggy 3 and a 3000psi tank. I highly recomend this package if you have played before, otherwise go with the Vibe package. The vibe is a really good marker for the price.Also since its a SP gun you will have near limitless possiablities to put a new board in it or other upgrades. Some people say if your in this price range get this gun, this price range this gun. My personal oppinion is to stick with the Vibe or Ion until you have about a year of playing under your belt then upgrade to something like an ETEK or a used Ego. I highly discourage anyone who dosent play tournaments and has a lot of experiance teching guns to steer clear of the DM and Proto guns, they have a sizeable amount of flaws in them( No offense to anyone with a DM or Proto gun this is my opinion).

If you have ANY question about piaintball I mean ANY question, even if you think it's stupid or dumb, please feel free to send me an email(techpbfan@yahoo.com) Or pm me right here on the forums.

Thanks and have a great time playing paintball!!

Apex Barrel on the TM-15?

14 October 2009 - 09:52 PM

do you guys thing that a TM-15 with an apex barrel is better than an alpha black with an apex and e grip?

New Team

24 September 2009 - 09:33 PM

Hey Yall. me and some people are starting up a D3 team in the chicagoland are(were all from lagrange and western suburbs) if your intrested please let me know. no turnament experiance? no worries well help you out and get you into the world of tournament paintball. also if anyone WITH tournament experiance would be intrested in coaching let me know. there may be some monentary compensation for a coach.

WHO:anyone ages 14-18
WHERE:Dyer Grindhouse or Badlands
please let me know we need to fill up our roster.