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In Topic: Planet Eclipse Loader Patent

Today, 06:37 PM

... It's not a troll.

In Topic: pinokio prop

Today, 05:51 PM

If you can't get a hold of Pinokio, PbGateway sells Fasta motor setups for $30 which gives you the prop and motor, and they also sell VMax props for $10. The VMax prop is quite soft, but with a robust Pinokio motor driving it you shouldn't have to worry about the slower feedrates of the VMax if you go that route.


I know for a fact that the Fasta and Pinokio guts are pretty much interchangeable (except for the boards), and I believe the VMax props will also work in the Fasta/Pinokio. I'm not 100% sure about that though, I've never tried to put my VMax prop on my Fasta, and I won't be able to check until I'm off work.

In Topic: Markerbids dye multitool

Today, 05:39 PM

Dye multitool costs $24


Markerbids is not like eBay; $18.70 is not the final price. For it to reach a "final price" of $18.70 means that 1,870 individual bids were placed on the item, of which cost anywhere from ~$0.70-$1.00 per bid depending on the bid pack that was purchased.

In Topic: Empire Sniper Problem

Yesterday, 07:39 PM

Have you taken it apart to clean it and see if there's anything obstructing the pump handle, bolt, or hammer?

In Topic: *Test please ignore*

Yesterday, 07:37 PM

You're from Alaska though, so it cancels out.