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Replacing elastic on pod pack?

06 February 2014 - 12:00 PM

Does anybody know if it's possible to replace the elastic on an older NXe pack? I've got an old Joy Division pack that I love to death, but the elastic is definitely on it's way out. 


Sure, I could go buy a new pack, but these things are not for sale anymore, and I've never seen another in person. It's a pretty neat piece of gear and I'd like to squeeze some more life out of it before it gets retired for good.


Any ideas or tips for a project like this? 


23 January 2014 - 10:58 AM

Back from the dead with something interesting! Now, lets get this out there right off the bat:


This marker is sold AS IS.


I live in the middle of nowhere here in CO, and I have no air. It's winter, and I'm not about to drive 40 miles to find out the closest field is closed.


That being said! This CCM is in great condition, and should be in working order, I'm just playing it safe since I'm out of air.


And here's the real kicker: If you get it and it there happens to be a issue with functionality (not just little things like macro leaks, this is as-is, remember?), I'll offer a full refund (minus shipping) within a week of me sending it out. (I'll also be willing to refund up to $100 in parts if you would still wish to keep it; but you'd have to provide evidence, naturally.)




Marker now sold as working properly!








Marker: CCM S5

Condition: 8/10, some nicks in the anno here and there; rail has a couple minor dings.
Color: Gloss black
Upgrades: Nope
Known Problems: Unknown 
Asking Price: $300
Shipping Options: USPS flat rate, on your dime. No exceptions.
Trades of interest: new or like new 45/4500's + cash, or cash + cash.
Location of item: Larkspur, CO
What is Included: Marker, J&J Barrel.