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In Topic: BST rules.

03 May 2010 - 05:42 PM

Where are these solutions?

For example, if the user so chooses allow personal information to be left up i.e. cell phone numbers. Some of us work 40 plus hours a week and do not have time to get on and browse the net until the weekend.

Second: If posting more than one item allow the user to post up info such as the condition, how often it was used. It is a pain trying to find the exact layout needed.

Here is an example:

Item: 09 Dye gloves
Condition: Like new, they have been used in 2 tournaments
Price: 20


Size: (if needed)
Known Problems:
Asking Price:
How Many Available:
Shipping Options:
Trades of interest:
Location of item:
What is Included:

In Topic: BST rules.

03 May 2010 - 05:32 PM

Most people will have already given their ideas, if they truly wish to use the BST, instead of filling the forums with a repeated messege exclaiming the need for the forums to change. I seriously believe that you have no intention to use the BST from the beginning.

I have used it a few times and found it a little tedious. I have sold and traded here and have no problems with the users. Its the format that I dislike. It should not just be one, but multiple different ways.

In Topic: BST rules.

03 May 2010 - 05:29 PM

I didn't think his response was hostile, I think you took the BST rules and blew them way out of proportion. And go ahead and don't tell people about techpb just because of the BST. You're just keeping more newer players from the best website on the interwebz.

Its not the best nor can there in all actuality be the best. I made a formal complaint in the "Complaint" section and did not receive an honest concern. I thought Techpb took pride in having concerned members and mods as apposed to PBN.

This is how I would have dealt with the situation. Let's say for example Pirhana92, that you had an issue with oh let's say the rule for posting pictures. If you expressed your opinions in the proper section and all you received were "Go to PBN if you dont like it" and "quit crying" remarks, what would you feel? Would you be grateful to those people known as moderators?

In Topic: BST rules.

03 May 2010 - 05:20 PM

Lol, I thought about picking this apart piece by piece, but the fact is we're not forcing you to sell here. So, quit crying and take those warns like a champ, OR you could actually read the rules and discover you're so far from reality in your post, that you can't even see past your own faults.

And Pacos saves the day :D

How so? He has only thrown insults. His response has solved nothing.

None of you have even asked about the ideas that could help. Moreover things are not going to be solved here with the petty insults.

Here is an idea, be a REAL mod and ask more concerned questions such as "What do you propose?" or "What is your experience with business?". Instead I received more hostile results. As someone looking for different websites for the local paintball park, I do not believe I will recommend this one.

Ah, the smell of irony in the afternoon.

Never said I have any sense of grammar. :lol:

It is okay. I understood it and made an audible gesture of humor.

In Topic: BST rules.

03 May 2010 - 05:10 PM

Seriously...I find techpb to be the easiest BST. Easier then PBN, easier then Ebay. I don't think many people will agree with this. And if you use multiple usernames to spam this then thats a good way to get an insta I.P ban.

What you dont understand is that I have many different IP's available to my disposal from different cities and I wont go into details on how.

I have talked with many member, as stated earlier, and they agree that the For Sale section is a tad bit overcautious. There are better solutions out there. I feel that the user should have the ability to create a For Sale thread using his unique layout as long as it supports key information. Thus allowing for a more attractive topic leading to a quicker sale if the ad is eye catching.

I can assure you that the BST section is viewde the most here and a more attractive ad would catch buyers attention and saving the seller the trouble of always trying to find his ad.

I am a member of MANY forums and all the buying and selling goes on smoothly without using this rule.

You're welcome to continue using those "MANY" forums to do your business. If you don't like, and/or can't follow the rules here, then you don't need to do business here. The rules are there to keep the users safe.

Of course people deal in PM's. That is when some schmuck then PM's a staff member about how he just got royally screwed in the ass. Now there is no public documentation, and most people are shit out of luck. If you're that concerned about privacy, what do you do in a store when you have to get your item and carry it to the front?

Another rule, that I find redundant,

Your use of commas everywhere?

I am just trying to make this argument formal and making it grammatically correct. A comma is used for a brief pause and I am trying to separate my run-on sentences.