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In Topic: What are you getting from Santa Clause?

20 November 2008 - 05:07 PM

AIDS.... :dodgy:

In Topic: U.S. Air Force Signs on as a Sponsor for the NPPL

25 October 2008 - 01:11 PM

There are Paintball Players that currently serving the US Armed Forces, mostly in the Infantry and are based in Iraq, but the tactics theyve used on a Paintball Field is totally different in an actual War Zone.

In other words, do not confuse Actual Military Battle Tactics and Paintball Tactics, because Paintball Tactics & Manuevers do not work in the Real World.

Like Wiping........ ;)

Great to see outside sponsors :D

In Topic: TechPB gaming night?

12 October 2008 - 04:54 PM

Im in for h3 and cod4


In Topic: etek2 maintenance......

01 October 2008 - 08:34 AM

take some oil, and put a few drops in the asa then dry fire it. this should spread the lube pretty well. then if you feel the need to lube the ram and the bolt o rings.

DO NOT PUT OIL IN THE ASA. It is not your A5 it could damage the gun. A drop of oil on each rammer oring and the bolt is optional. I wouldnt put it on the bolt cause it attracts dust. Every 4 cases or so i lube the lpr and hpr piston.

In Topic: Splatmandu

30 September 2008 - 02:53 PM

This field is great. Played there for a good 6 years now. Great people run it. ^ I saw and 05 with a star frame , gloss purple eyecovers and red reg bottom.