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In Topic: Dead men tell no tales

04 January 2011 - 12:55 AM

I hate this, even on my own team, i was in a 1 on 1 in a tournament where sideline coaching was allowed, had my whole team telling me whether he was looking in field or out field... But they were delayed, so i heard them saying different things at the same time. Very confusing... Ended up telling them to shut up and mugging the guy.

As it turns out, if sideline coaching is not allowed, and a dead man is shouting positions, tell the fucking ref - if they have any common sense their team will get a lovely little 1for1 (Depending on the rules)

In Topic: are the any ballers in aberdeen

18 October 2010 - 10:06 PM

If you're willing to trek, theres Wildwoodz Paintball Park, just outside of inverness (On the black isle)

Good site, good craic aswell.

Actually they're running a scenario game on November 14th called zombieland, which should be brilliant.

In Topic: I really hate Ohio weather

03 May 2010 - 04:59 PM

Its over and fucking done with, I didn't go. You guys might have mommy and daddy buy all your shit or have tons of money, I but I don't have hundreds of dollars to replace shit left and right.

Actually mate, I beg to differ.

I work for a living, i bust my nuts to get my kit, my paint, everything. So just because people are such fucking nancies over their kit doesn't mean they have mum or dad to replace it. Maybe it's not just you that pays you're own way aye? :)

In Topic: anyone hav good bunkering storys?

03 May 2010 - 01:57 PM

I was last man standing, against 3 other lads...

Went to bunker the snake player, slipped, landed on my face, goggles came flying off my head and i lost about 3 pots of paint and ALL of my dignity...

Funny though :)

In Topic: Speedball Mafia V2

03 May 2010 - 01:55 PM

Haven't been on techpb properly in months - Fully expected this wee gathering to have sunk....