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Music mixers

29 January 2011 - 09:20 AM

I'm looking into starting to take using VirtualDJ a bit further, and i've heard that mixers help a lot when using it.

Tried out some of my brother's old kit, but it's pretty much done for, doesnt work properly at all.

So does anyone know the best mixer i can get a hold of for around 50-125? ($80-$200ish)

Much appreciated if someone can help :)

How to start eating right

04 January 2011 - 12:45 AM


It's about time i get this sorted.

Recently been stuck in a rut, i'm pretty overweight, and smoke a lot.

Main problem is just now is that i just do not eat properly, at all. Ever. I'll get up in the morning, have a tin or two of energy drink and a few cigarettes over the course of the morning, no food. About 7 hours after i'm up and i'm hungry enough i'll eat, but when i do, it's just absolute shite, junk food, quick things to cook because i've always got something to do. Especially at work at a Chip shop, you get fed for free, so for dinner it's a case of deep fried shite and more cigarettes, then more cigarettes and then a bit more shite food when i'm off my shift.

The point is, theres no regular pattern and when there is time for a meal it's just basically junk food, or just quick cook food. Which all piles on into the beer belly, making me rather slow on the field.

So, all i'm wondering is has anyone been like that and found a way just get motivated enough to be bothered cooking anything healthy? is there any piss easy ways of getting out of it while managing to keep on the move a lot?

Probably been asked before but it's almost 6 am here and i cannot be fucked trawling through threads :P



Stuck, Help needed...

02 May 2010 - 08:52 PM

Alright guys,

Right now, i'm doing a "case study report" for a class in school called tech studies, and i'm doing it on paintball loaders,

Broken down the system fairly well, named components, system diagrams etc...

But i'm stuck, Part of it is to show the effects of the component/product whatever you wanna call it on the Economy, Society, and the enviroment, and i cant come up with many ideas on it :unsure:

Any visable ideas would be welcomed at this point, it's gotta be handed in on tuesday :(