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weird slg spotted

23 May 2010 - 09:24 PM

Hey guys today I was at academy and I saw a proto slg and the body was like a skull camo pattern with red inserts. I think it was a basic as well. I looked all over the internet and haven't found another one like it. Their price on it was 219 which is also cheaper than most online retailers. Anyway has anyone else seen these? I'm not really in the market for an slg but I thought that one looked neat.

heard something strange from a ref

06 September 2009 - 06:34 AM

So I was playing at the local field today and in the staging area I overheard a conversation a field ref was having with a new player. The player had one of those mech sonix spyders and the ref was telling him "oh those are good guns I use to have one, but I balled way to hard with it one game and broke off the feedneck, velocity adjuster, and the low pressure chamber.....because I shot it too fast." I am a quiet person and who am I to dispute his claims of pulling the trigger so fast it rips his gun into pieces? I don't know what to think of this ref; is he an idiot or a lier? He also told the player "those spyder barrels are only 10 inches so the paintballs don't fly very far and they go everywhere." Wow, I guess I just expect too much of someone who is around paintball all the time.

aftermarket barrel bubble busting

05 September 2009 - 01:29 AM

Wow, you guys really are coming to some pretty profound conclusions with the extremely in depth testing you are doing with aftermarket barrels. These test could possibly and should possibly alter the way people perceive the aftermarket upgrade industry. Do I need whatever brand name barrel? No. It takes the concept of accuracy away from some magical $100 add on part to gun consistency and most import quality paint. There is underboring or overboring to try to reach that more consistent shot or maybe to try to gain more efficiency and maybe one barrel is quieter due to porting but it is not effecting accuracy in the way we thought or was told by the industry. This is very important testing that you have and are conducting and it is something that needed to be done and hopefully it will get the industry wide recognition it deserves.

So thanks guys I really enjoy the videos.

my 96 automag rt

27 August 2009 - 12:41 AM

I saw cockerpunk with his "new" rt on his old guns tour stop 11 and I thought.....hmmm well mine is blue. I got this gun about two years ago from a local guy and I think I paid like $112 for it so I was very happy to finally get one of those guns that you always kinda wanted but never thought you would have. It is all stock except the smart parts wood grips and the lvl 10 bolt kit. I usually shoot it with a dye aluminum one piece and it is a very quiet gun. I hit a guy with a single shot in the chest while playing in the woods and he was just starteled and looked around....he didnt hear the shot at all. I only have a crossfire fixed output tank so I cant get the full awesomeness of the rt yet but one day I hope to....it would be nice to have an orignal flatline tank setup...well here are some shots for you guys. Hope yall like!

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autococker project

26 August 2009 - 08:29 PM

Well this isn't really a radical cocker project but I just finished it two nights ago and thought I would share anyway. My gf bought this gun for me for my bday about four years ago. It was a 2003 cocker that someone did a grind job all over the anno and drilled holes for eyes in. I played with it awhile like that and it was a great gun. So now I just decided to make it look a little better.

here are a couple of pictures of the beginning progress it shows some of my ideas in play like cutting the sight rail and grinding away the oval where the jewel was set:
Posted Image

Posted Image

Then I went ahead and carved it up a little to give it some more flow and to set it apart a little bit. I finished it off by painting everything using a self etching primer. This should have excellent adhesion to the aluminum.It also gave it an olive gray color which I like.

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The opposite side I left it pretty much stock besides filling in the eye holes. I think the asymetrical look is interesting plus it shows you what has been done to it. Here is also a pic of my spyder which I painted the frame of last night. Anyone that has ever had one of these old things knows the cast painted frames are prone to bad corrosion.
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