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In Topic: "______ is so RETARDED! herp derp herp!"

16 September 2011 - 10:20 PM

oh and btw... one of my closest friends has pretty bad cerebral palsey... So I am not insensitive to your feelings.

But I just think that you really have to look at it in context. If someone called my friend a retard, I would be pretty pissed. If someone says it in the meaning it has taken on, as stupid, silly, dumb, etc etc, then thats fine.

In Topic: "______ is so RETARDED! herp derp herp!"

16 September 2011 - 10:13 PM

I feel for you and your brother... I really do. And I understand your anger. But in reality it isnt going to do anything.

People have been combatting this issue with g@y and f@g for many years now, and how much progress do you think has been made?
The problem is, that people arent using the word to say anything about the people it describes, but in reality, and in pop culture, the word has a dual meaning. I mean it may be hard to take seriously, but I think southpark hit it on the head with their episode about harley riders. Yes, it has a derogatory meaning towards a certain group of people when used in that context, but just as the english language came to be, words change meanings all the time. Before g@y meant homosexual, it meant happy. But over time it shifted. Just like g@y and retarded are taking on new meanings as well today. So really, there is no point in fighting it or getting enraged at the use of these words' new meanings. I definitely would be angry if someone said that word to, or to describe, your brother, but for describing something completely different, it is doing no harm.

In Topic: TechPB Motorcycle Club

14 September 2011 - 04:32 PM

I like the RMZ's... especially the newer ones... the 450's? :wub:

sorry im late on this guys...

lunatic- the ninja 250 is a great starter bike. if you havent ridden before, and want a street bike, especially a sportier bike, thats the one I would recommend. However, know that as your skills improve, and you get more and more into riding, you are going to outgrow it and want a bigger, more powerful bike, so you will eventually be buying a new one.

latsabb- sounds like you have most of your questions answered... I would go for the best riding gear you can afford. For me, thats not all that much, unfortunately. I have a scorpion helmet, which is on the cheaper side, but is DOT/SNELL approved (not sure what the equivalent is in Norway, but look for the approval stickers)... I also have a speed and strength jacket. It is a textile jacket on the cheaper side, and has both a zipper on the back for pants, and belt loops to snap around your belt if your pants dont have the zipper. It has great armor, and a good amount of it. It breathes very well, has a decent denier rating (the strength of the textile material), and has a removeable winter/rain vest. The vents you can open and close actually do work, compared to other jackets I have worn where you cant tell the difference in air flow between open and closed. I also have just gotten used to wearing steel toe boots that cover my ankle as my daily shoe. Not quite a full riding boot, but MUCH better than tennis shoes, and can still be worn around when not on the bike. I wear a nice pair of armored leather gloves, as well, which were around 70$. I am bad about pants, though in that I only wear typical jeans. I have been meaning to at least pick up some high denier riding jeans...

As for the bike, if all you will ever see is 55mph, and dont want to exceed that, the ninja250 is probably perfect. I wouldnt worry too much about the wind blast from passing semis... It is weird as hell at first, but you get used to it. I would imagine riding a heavier bike isnt going to help you all that much compared to a lighter one. You just gotta build your reactions and instincts. As for storage, do you think you are going to carry anything that you cant fit into a backpack? I just wear my backpack when I ride, and thats all I need.

Between the bikes you listed, I would take the ninja. Just a more fun bike. But then again, im not into the cruiser scene. I ride for fun, not comfort.

Oh and stay away from those no name chinese/korean/taiwanese crap bikes... My buddy had a 150 chinabike, and my 125 yamaha kicked the shit out of it in every regard. It was faster, more reliable (A LOT more reliable), smoother, etc etc... shit would just fall of his bike like it does a harley...

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05 September 2011 - 01:37 PM


Good to hear everything is going well for you, even if it does mean no paintball. We all know you'll get back out there eventually, right?

Also, a scooter club? that sounds pretty nuts! Imagining a massive 'Busa in there with them makes me laugh a little; did any of them give you a hard time for not being on a scooter? That would be even more hilarious. :lol:

yeah, there were plenty of "get a real bike" comments... I laughed...

I laughed especially when I took off on my own for the return trip on the ride, and made it back in half the time it took them.

I actually went to play paintball yesterday, after practice (which woulda been tiring as hell, but worth it) and the other guys bailed... So no paintball for me :(

In Topic: TechPB Motorcycle Club

04 September 2011 - 12:18 AM

Also, where has Danath been? :blink:

And where HAS Danath been?

And I am missing Danath too!

Haha didnt realize I had so many fans... :P

Yeah, Ive been real busy lately... My latest hobby, as some of you may have heard me talk about before, heavy athletics (the highland games) has really taken a lot of my time away from paintball. I have practice every Sunday, and Ive also been having out of state competitions every few weekends or so. That, combined with school and work means I havent had time for paintball in a couple months now... Ive got a case and a half thats been sitting in my closet untouched, which is something that NEVER lasts for more than a week... But every now and then when Im bored at work, I come on techpb with my phone, but I think its just about impossible to find this thread on the mobile site... so I get frustrated and watch youtube instead.

*cough* I missed you guys too *cough*


Anywho... still riding the same bike... still telling myself Im gonna finish working on the dirtbike...

But heres something entertaining!

Turns out a buddy of mine is in the Pharos Scooter Club... Whodathunk they actually had scooter clubs?! Like legit, vests and patches, pledges and initiations, rally-riding fuckin scooter club!! Its the craziest thing... They act like a legit motorcycle club, and there are several big skin head, spike wearing, tattoo covered tough-guys, riding fucking vespas!!

Anywho... he asked me to come along on their annual rally... yes, on the busa. It was pretty fun... they certainly know how to party... It was essentially a 3 day kegger... I did go on their ride... It was about a 5 hour ride... And I didnt get outta second gear lol.

I wish my phone didnt die... Cus I really wanted a pic of my busa towering over a hundred friggin scooters! That woulda been hilarious.