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In Topic: CFPS Event 6

22 July 2010 - 07:14 PM

This might seem random since i dont play with you guys ( i have maybe once or twice), but i think this whole thread is laughable. Mike is essentially saying... All who have deep pockets or mommy and daddys money to spend can play at world cup. So basically its like seeing that kid at the field with all new gear and he cant use it. This is a COLLEGE paintball team... Arent college kids usually strapped for cash already? Not everyone in college has a wife and kids already. I think someone should be a little more understanding instead of basically bashing everyone who doesnt have money. Its really not the best way to inspire a team. He wants upfront entry to a tournament that has no team? How are you even planning for a tournament without having a set team? Shouldnt playing in a tournament be a team decision? This whole thing is DIVIDING the club. Into those who can afford to waste money on a tournament with no team, and those who would rather not. I understand the urge to want to get serious but why do it at the cost of failure? Why not be patient, get everything organized and then have a go at it? Instead of taking the easy route and trying to play in a tournament to try and get everyone to focus and get serious. Why doesnt the guy who appointed himself as the couch/captain/star player stop complaining about the sadness of this team and basically bash everything about it and actually MAKE a team. Teams aren't bought or paid for, they are made. IM not seeing much of that go on. But thats just my opinion. Go ahead and bash me or ban me or whatever i don't care. As a fan of USF, and paintball i think my opinion matters. By the way when did anyone every see Jim Leavitt coach and captain and play for the USF football team?

In Topic: i HATE mw2!

27 March 2010 - 05:22 PM

Well i guess some ppl like to be selfish and not team players.... Hit me up on bad company 2 its sooooo much fun. I havent played MW2 in a while but im looking to start a team. Gamertag is Famousfornow or website is www.legendsofthelord.com for some MW2 team info