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In Topic: computer confusion

08 August 2015 - 04:01 PM

If you want to upgrade to that board, then you're going to need a new processor, new RAM, and a new case as well. You'll most likely also need to upgrade the power supply as well, since store bought computers usually have power supplies custom built to fit that PC and that PC only. The power supply might work in a new case if it has regular length cables, but if the cables are designed specifically for that PC, like they most likely are, then you'll need a new power supply if the cables aren't long enough for your new case.


Basically, if you want to upgrade your motherboard, you need to build a new computer.

In Topic: The car thread

28 June 2015 - 05:58 PM

"Close only works in horseshoes and hand grenades."

In Topic: The car thread

28 June 2015 - 01:48 PM

European cars are better at tracks where you have twists and turns, American cars are better at going down a drag strip.

In Topic: The Techpb Gun Club

30 May 2015 - 10:53 PM

Am I the only one who doesn't give a hoot about stuff being ambidextrous? I'm right handed, I don't try and do any fancy shooting with my left hand, so if the gun controls don't work with my left hand then it doesn't bother me. I don't know, I just don't understand all the hype about ambidextrous stuff.

In Topic: ANSGear sends me defective items, tells me it isn't their fault and they won't be fixing it.

30 May 2015 - 12:04 AM

In short, they will not even send me a single screw I need to get my reg working. It's not their fault after all, bob long is the problem!


They're a retailer, not a parts store, they can't send you a single screw if they don't have a single screw. Do you expect them to take apart a different regulator and send you that one part, leaving them with a useless item they can no longer sell? Especially if it's not their fault that the regulator has a missing screw, and it's the fault of the manufacturer, who probably has a single screw they can send you, since they're the manufacturer?


Contact Bob Long, hopefully they can set things right with you and get you the part you need.


Just remember that ANSGear stocks items, not parts, so don't get upset when they say they can't send you parts they don't have, and aren't willing to open up a brand new item and destroy it just to send you a part, when it's not their fault that the item was missing that part in the first place.


Unless you're trying to say that ANSGear opened up the packaging and removed the regulator screw on purpose?