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To All The Mt. Dew/Doritos Fans

04 December 2014 - 04:48 PM

To all of the Mt. Dew and/or Doritos fans, I need some assistance. Mt. Dew/Doritos is currently doing a promotion where they have put out some specially marked products that tie in with the new Call of Duty, entitled Advanced Warfare. In/on the specially marked products are codes you can enter to get special in-game content. If you drink/eat the products but don't care about the codes, I would greatly appreciate it if you would PM me the codes. Specifically I am looking for codes off the large bags of Doritos, as I have been to almost a dozen stores now and nobody in my area has the large bags of doritos with the Call of Duty codes on them, and I need those specifically to unlock the last two items I need. So if you could help me out that would be greatly appreciated.