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Baux goes to basic training

23 August 2014 - 10:10 AM

Whats up guys. im not really sure if most of the active members remember or were even around a couple years back when techpb was in its hay-day.

But i made a good amount of friends on here and i wanted to say some goodbyes before i leave.


I leave for Air force basic training on September 23rd and im going in open mechanical. obviously i wont have time for techpb or paintball for a while. i know thats still a month away but its so slow around here anymore that i figured id give it some time to get responses lol. most of my old friends haven't been active for a while and probably wont see this but i know of some people that will. 


just wanted to say thanks to everyone on here for the endless hours of entertainment and even sometimes information (you know super-secret players club shit) i could name names but i dont wanna forget some and make people feel left out and what not but you know who you are.  


and a special thanks to mike, willie and all the admins/mods for being awesome. i hope this place livens up again. it was a fucking blast.


talk to you guys later