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In Topic: .50.. What happened?

03 February 2010 - 06:56 PM

Honestly I don't see 50 caliber as a bad thing for paintball, nor do I see it as a good thing for paintball

I just see it as a choice, plain and simple

For the fast, upfront and aggressive players, I think it's a good option for them. Smaller guns, lighter loaders, more paint, more effeciency, etc

You can carry two pods (or even ONE pod) instead of 4 pods. You're loader holds 400 rounds, instead of 180. You get considerably more effeciency, the guns will be quieter, lighter, etc

It's like bowling. You can play in the church league, or you get stoned and play at midnight for cosmic bowling. Either way, you are still bowling.

No it doesn't have the range, no it doesn't splatter like a 68, no it doesn't "sting" like a 68. But it's quiet, light, and the effeciency and capacity is through the roof.

It's just an option, notice I didn't say ANYTHING about price. For all intent purposes, just assume that your price per round is equal to 68

You can either buy the 50 caliber system..... or not buy it. It's your choice, and I don't think your opponent gives a shit what you are using

Choices have implications, and implications have effects on the sport, by avoiding the idea that this wont affect it is irresponsible.
Look your bowling analogy is flawed to say the least, you are refering to the atmosphere, not the game, lest the equipment. this is a different game, this is .50 cal ball. The average .50 cal players aren't going to be able to compete with .68. so this will create yet ANOTHER gap and class of paintballer.
This is not what the sport needs. Going into more segregation of play creates more rifts, more problems... I for one would give a shit if my opponent used .68 or .50 that allows you to asses their equipment abilitys.
And yes, the efficiency may be very good, quieter sure, lighter, maybe, and capacity, yes that is irrefutable. but i don't see why they would push forward with this except for monetary reasons, that the paint companies want to get more balls per sheet. No one is interested, except you mike.

In Topic: If you only play pump!

01 September 2009 - 04:14 PM

i play with my phantom most of the time but i like to bust out my ego for some fun... or my minimag.. lol