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05 September 2009 - 02:42 AM

First off I would say PM Kodiak he's probably one of the authorities on the Legend
I would agree a lot with ikpq14. The Legend is a light, fast and reliable marker. Personally I came across this deliema at the beggining of this year when my team decided to get new markers and decided on the etek 2. At the same time my dad came home with a Legend and I fell in love. The biggest thing I prefer about the Legend is the stock trigger. As Mike mentioned in his episode about triggers, the legend has a good one. I have now had my legend for 8-10 months and in over 30 tournaments I have not had a single issue with it. The only "absolute" I would say that the etek has over the Legend is the packaging. But is that really worth an extra 250? :o

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05 September 2009 - 02:32 AM

Well like everyone else is saying pm Kodiak!
He's my dad and got me to get the Legend over the etek two. I started a paintball team 2 years ago and at the beggining of this year we all decided to get new guns. I really wanted an etek 2 which my teammates had gotten, but then my dad got the Legend and I fell in love. Personally I like the feel of the stock trigger MUCH better and I believe it is more air efficent then an etek two because of the FASOR design. As far as maintance it literally takes 15 mins to clean from feed neck to asa. However I have talked with my team mates and they both said their eteks are also easy to maintain. Another thing I like more on the Legend is the 2nd gen grips. They are thinner and more comfortable for me then the etek two stock grips.
As far as packaging, the etek two has nicer packaging. The legend comes in a box, just like the Vice or Chrome with foam padding and such whereas the etek has that nifty metal case. Over all I did and will again take a Legend over an etek 2.

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04 September 2009 - 03:42 PM

The goal was for it to be completly red and chrome in the end. However $400 later I decided to buy a Legend so I left my Ion as a unfinished gun. All it needs is a red body and chrome breach and can or vice versa.