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Underboring with Stiffi. help

06 September 2009 - 09:45 AM

Hey Guys. I have been reading here for a month or more but just registered. I will be joining the G3 owners, too.
You have convinced me to try a lower bore barrel on my G3 and I was leaning towards a Stiffi but the lowest bore is .687 (that I could find).
Then I got to thinking, "Why not Dye UL back @ .684 with a Stiffi Stiff Tip?" Since my local field uses .686-.689 paint this setup should be a perfect underbore( keep in mind I am just basing this on Punkworks data)
So, will this setup even work? Since the barrel tip will be a higher bore, or will it?
Also, has anyone actually used this barrel combo on any gun? Or maybe even on a G3(I hope)?\
Anyway, thanks guys. You'll be seeing more of me.
This will be my setup by weeks end unless somebody tells me it will suck, lol.:
DP G3 (Black/Silver)
Halo B w/ speed feed (Smoke)
TechT bolt engine
Dye UL .684 back/ 8" Stiffi stiftip(total length 14")-Blk/Blk or Silver/Blk
HE 70ci/4500psi with Dye Rhino
CP Flame drop
APE board version 4 to come next month(or maybe I'll wait on APE OLED in October)