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In Topic: Tournament Communication and gameplans tips

05 November 2010 - 08:15 AM

Most of the calls that teams in the upper divisions create are very team specific so as to avoid counter coaching. Everyone and there mother uses s1,s2... but if your team comes out with a code of Weasel 1 like damage does then the other team, coaches, and fans dont know what the hell you are talking about. Also kill counts, you dont want to give away anything to the other team as far as how many body's they have left incase they have lost count(mainly in Nppl where there aren't coaches) for example alot of teams use a G count(G1, G2, G3...) well the other team then knows immediately how many people they have lost, and how many you have. If you use different letters, or different naming schemes(like the days of the week, or F1 for 1 elim teammate O1 for one elim opponent) it doesnt give away as much information as readily.

As far a game plans go, they are normally just breakouts and then immediate bumps, you should go in with as many different possibilities as you can think of, and you should have practiced each one before hand. For example I am helping out a team with a 3 man beginner tourney, I have 4 breakouts already planned, each of those breakouts have a different gameplan as far as who is going where, what lanes they are shooting, what coverage they are providing, and what bumps need to happen off the bat. You go in with all of these ready, and then practice them and see how they work, see what tweaks need to be made, and see if there are any other options you haven't thought about. When you get to the tournament, you and your crew watch the other teams(hopefully you dont play first :mellow: )figure out what they are prone to do, and then decide which of your plans will work the best.

Hope that helped.

great answer thank you very much, it helped a lot, especially gameplan-wise eheh..
One thing though i did not understand is that weasel 1 that damage uses...for what do they use it???
and furthermore, I still don't understand that one hundred, two etc etc they use...I've watched again a vid, thinkin it was the kill count, instead the sideline coach went up to six hundred...what a fuck are they talkin about?!?
do you know it?

this is the vid: http://www.youtube.c.../33/Tf046MqS3aU

look at min 1:30...he starts yelling like crazy 600 and other stuff LOL

In Topic: Tournament Communication and gameplans tips

05 November 2010 - 03:18 AM

Different teams use codes for different bunkers

You have D1 D2 D3 ect Signifiing Dortio 1 2 or 3. same with snake. Then you tend to have back right back left back center.

After this teams use different calls for bunkers.

Teams name the bunkers differently. some teams decrible them or some name them due to stategical position. God/King bunkers tend to be dominating ones.

You then have calls like G1 G2 G3 these are Kills you team have and then there is O1 ect for your own team. Some teams use days of the week other use numbers. its all preference.

Personaly I like going up in 10's for kills and 1's for your own team. So, 20 is 2 opposition out 32 is 3 opostition out and 2 of yourself.

Yep, for example me and my team we use like D for dorito S fr snake, T for temples and such...then days of the week for opponent kills followed by bunker name and then for us we use our nicknames
I like your 10's for kills and 1's for owns...cool one

the thing that was interesting was knowin what tha dang they mean with A1...I'm curious eheh

by god/king you mean like strategic places?dominating bunkers?
so by one hundred, 2 hundred and so they mean the kill count?

Game plans are mainly deciding where you go off the break and then usualy the initial bunker after that.

You get a game plan by watching the other teams, looking at where they go off the break you then decide where you will go off the break to counteract.

ok so it's not like you come to a tournament day full of gameplans,right?is it like you have 3 or 4 basic plans (breakouts) then when you see the opponent moves you decides other strategies for them?
or do pro teams have a bunch of plans like a playbook???

thanks for your patience dude

In Topic: Paintball penalties

04 June 2010 - 02:36 AM

yeaaah epic indeed....aaaand I still don't have an answer from the "owner" of this fantomatic penalty LOL...

In Topic: Paintball penalties

03 June 2010 - 02:10 PM

yeaaah...at first I also thought about a 1vs1 game then this guy told me "no no it is a penalty"....then I told him "so it's the 1 FOOOR 1" and he replied " no no 1 ON 1"....so since in the swiss league we don't play xball I thought it was a "special" rule for xball...I don't know...stuff like that...but apparently this guy is just wrong LOL...

In Topic: Paintball penalties

03 June 2010 - 12:58 PM

Maybe...I don't know...I heard one-o-one and makes no sense to me...what would stand one-ON-one for?