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Tournament Communication and gameplans tips

04 November 2010 - 06:19 PM

Hey mates,

I have some questions regarding tournament COM and type of gameplans that are used...
To go in order, let's talk firstly about COM.

I've been watching (because i was bored) all the video on MIKE personal channel about the TB damage practice...all of them LOL...
well, I found some very strange codes that they use...besides "snake1", "home" which I know pretty well, I've heard things like "one hundred" etc....please if you know can you explain them to me please?
- one, two, three, four or five-hundred --> especially these
- a1???a2??
- corner? (is that back right/back left???)

and others that I don't understand...here the vids where I hear them better:

Me and my teammates have developed of course our codes but I'm just curious because there's always room for improvement eheh.

Secondly I always wanted to know...what are gameplans?
I mean I know what they are but what are examples of that?I mean how do you make them, what are the basis for doing them?what u base them on?
I don't know if I explained it well...hope you understand me

Paintball penalties

03 June 2010 - 12:22 PM

hey mates,

I'll keep it fast and simple...I basically know the penalties but...

WHAT THA HECK IS A "ONE-O-ONE" penalty?????

I know the one FOR one, but what is the one-O-one???

Dirrty Dogz First Practice of the 2010 Summer Season

04 May 2010 - 02:57 AM

Yo guys,

to calm things down from this NT war that's going on I will post the new vid I made about the team where I play to chill things down LOL...
this was the first practice for the 2010 summer season, since for the weather conditions we have a summer and winter season (outdoor and indoor respectively).
First tournament day will be 15 of may so was better to get our ass out in the field in the indoor field were we train.

Hope you like it

PS: you can see that I shoot an NT and please....watch the NO KICK ahahah.....sorry had to do this!!!!:lol:

check it and see it on the link for better resolution

Team Logo....

02 May 2010 - 06:31 PM

Hey guys,

dunno if this is the right section...please mods move it if this is not the appropriate location.

Ok, here my issue...I play in a team in the SPF, the swiss paintball federation...and we want to "refresh" our team logo.
I'm pretty good with adobe programs but only about video editing and unfortunately I'm not any good with illustrator...
nobody on the team is that expert also.

So here's my question. being a 3men team we have a really low budget and basically everything goes into the tournament subscribtion fees and paintballs which are pretty costy.
I would like to know if there's anybody out there who's great and very familiar with adobe illustrator (or photoshop) who could make us a new team logo...nothing fancy or too complicated, just a cool new logo
Please if you have the abilities and if for you it could be quiet a "small and fast" work and you'd like to help us out for free could you please send me an email at giacomo.cioffi@swissonline.ch

I'd give you all the details about the logo in the mail...

So pleaaaase, help us out guys...

1 vs 1 Training

07 April 2010 - 02:20 PM

Hey guys...

Here's a short footage of the training we did last monday. We made some 1 vs 1 training as well during the day and I edit a short video about this.
Hope you'll like it...