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In Topic: 08 ego origin

15 July 2010 - 12:58 AM

ive seen this gun in person, get this man some money, free upfor a legit seller, and the nicest ego8 ive ever seen

In Topic: Vice for PM8 and 230?

16 March 2010 - 01:58 PM


In Topic: Azodin Kaos Pump Setup

16 March 2010 - 12:36 AM

Hey, i got a stock mini, 3 cases through it ill have a video up tomorrow, pm me if your interested we can work somthing out

In Topic: 08 pmr

16 March 2010 - 12:32 AM

How about a LNIB mini? IF you want im sure we can work somthing out. ill have a video up tomorrow

In Topic: 07 PMR Virtue Upgraded

16 March 2010 - 12:18 AM

LNIB mini, red, 3 cases through it, ill have a video up tomorrow if you interested, pm me either way, theres other stuff i can add