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mikes my friends of the day

15 October 2009 - 06:44 AM

just a facebook app i got lucky with :D


15 October 2009 - 05:56 AM

beware IPG (international Paintball Group) likes to rip people off
Their "VIP" offer includes:
-Full session of paintball action.
-FREE equipment rental
-FREE latest semi automatic paintball gun.
-Public liability insurance.
-Access to the best paintball centres in Australia.
yes that sounds ok for $80 for 10 people but the thing is there is no paintballs included in the offer.
they are an extra $45 per person for 200, thats $53 just to start playing.
They were selling this "VIP" offer as a one off thing and it's not going to be around very long. My dad was at the shops and he saw the same offer at least 2 months after my mum had bought it for my birthday. On top of all of all that they told my mum that we could use it at my local field yet they knew that they weren't valid anymore, when we rang my local field he said he has had a lot of people inquiring about these vouchers which were useless and a rip off in the first place.
i think that this company is just in it for the money.
we called the 1300 number and the girl who answered had no idea wot paintball was, so we tried calling the guy who sold it to my mum and his phone was off.
the guy who sold it told my mum that she was buying $350 worth of "stuff" for $80 which is false.
this may not make much sense because I'm writing this while i'm half asleep and very angry lol but watch out for this company they will suck you in

EDIT if u want more details let me kno atm i cant be bothered typing lol sorry

walk on fee at this place is $35 so its still cheaper without IPG

Type-o in vibe manual

11 October 2009 - 06:31 AM

ok this is kinda pointless but i had to show this to you guys.
i downloaded the manual for the smart parts vibe because I'm planning on buying it for my first marker and when i was reading through i found this type-o
"loosen the Vibeís clamping feedbeck
and remove the loader."

but at least we know that a human actually wrote it lol