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In Topic: Back-Spin Barrel (Flatline, Apex, etc.) Explaination!

22 September 2009 - 05:30 PM

Here is a Paintball Trajectory Calculator that will help with understanding the flight of a PB


to simulate the effects of back spin, set the spin ang to -90 and the RPM above 35,000


In Topic: Paintball Extravaganza Pics Part 1

21 September 2009 - 04:20 PM

I was wondering the same thing this is bad ass but the only problem with it is it looks to real for a paintball marker

I just signed up was looking around and found this thread. Here are the details for this marker.

It's called the Arcus, which is the Roman word used for their combat bow.
This limited edition Tiberius T9 hybrid is the first of ten and consists of custom parts built by UMS including the stock, rails, rear adjustable butt, adjustable trigger, trigger guard, and extended mag release.

It also comes with a Leupold 3x9 scope (shown with SWFA SS10x42M), Harris BRS Bipod, Tactical Innovations quick cuff sniper sling, Pelican 1700 case, 5 First Strike magazines, 10 tubes of First Strike paint.

After discussion and written approval documentation with BATF it will most likely include a working suppressor as well.

You may see more abou it here http://www.undergrou...ead.php?t=18509

Hope that helps