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Etek 4 LT - HDE Earth

11 March 2013 - 08:47 PM


Today I'm selling my Etek 4 LT. I love it to death - it shoots great and has never let me down, but I just bought an Ego 10 and BL V2 and need some cash to pay for them.

If you want a new Etek4 but don't want to pay the full price, this is for you. I've babied her the whole time I've owned her. Fewer than 10 cases thru her. Never failed me. I just took the Saran wrap off the case today.

Marker: Etek 4 LT
Condition: 9/10 (because of jewels, 9.75 otherwise)
Color: HDE Earth
Upgrades: None
Known Problems: None
Asking Price: $425 Shipped
Trades of interest: NONE.
Location of item: Virginia (23662)
What is Included: Box, Case, Parts Kit, Barrel, Lube, Allen Set, Barrel Sleeve, Manual

The only flaw on the gun is that almost all of the jewels wore off. However, I guarantee you that any Etek 4 you use will have this happen to it. I have 5 teammates who own the exact same gun I have, and all their jewels wore off too.

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Here are some more pics, I've taken a picture of every slight imperfection, so there's no secrets here. Some are so unnoticeable the camera wouldn't even pick them up.

Thanks for stopping by!

Beautiful Silver and Red Bob Long Alias

04 March 2013 - 11:11 PM

***TRADED TO xxx(muffinman)xxx***

This is my gloss silver and red 2005 Bob Long Alias. I’ve had this beauty for about 6 years now, and I’ve heavily upgraded it over time. So why am I selling it? Well, it’s my backup, and since my main is an Etek4 I never have to use it. But mainly I’ve got my eye on the new LV1 and am trying to get some funds to make that purchase happen. So sadly, it’s probably time to part ways. :(

I doubt you’ll find a more complete Alias package anywhere.

Posted Image

Posted Image

More Pictures here. I took a picture of every imperfection, there are no secrets here. You get exactly what you see. If you want pictures of something, let me know and I'll get ya some.

Marker: 2005 Bob Long Alias Intimidator
Condition: 8.5/10
Color: Silver and Red
Upgrades: Too many - See Below
Known Problems: None
Asking Price: $450
Shipping Options: Included in price
Trades of interest: Newer Egos, Geo 2.1/3s, G6Rs, Victory V2s - I'll add. Vampire colors prefered. You came here, you ship first. I have more positive feedback on other forums.
Location of item: Virginia
What is Included: Too much, See Below

Upgrades: (with the price I paid):
• Red Critical Trigger $50
• Tadao Yakuza OLED USB (NEW) $180
• Red Bob Long Gear Drive ASA $60
• CCM Silver and Red Feedneck $25
• Smaller Guage $15
• Silver CP .685 1 Piece Barrel $30
• Stainless Steel Screw Kit $15
• Macroline stuff $10
Total Spent on Upgrades: $385

What’s Included:
• Marker in ORIGINAL BOX! (It’s a little old, but I still have it)
• All of the upgrades installed
• All of the default parts I upgraded from (grips, gauge, trigger, board, barrel, feedneck, etc)
• Two things of DOW 55 lube
• One thing of Triflow
• 2 O-ring Kits
Necro Ram - Supposedly you can get your LPR down to about 40psi with it. There wasn’t a spring light enough so you have to run it springless, which is why I never used it. If memory serves me correct I heard figures of 2200 shots off a 68/45 with the Necro Ram. Cool stuff, spent $30 on it.
• Blue Redz soft marker case

I'm at school right now, I'll uplaod a picture of everything included when I get home next week.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

Practice and Drills!

12 June 2012 - 07:58 PM

Hello everyone!

I just became the speedball captain of my college team, and I'm trying to get things for next semester set up before the chaos of the school year begins. It'll basically be the first semester of it ever. (It technically got started last semester, but this semester we're gonna start practicing regularly and I have several tournies lined up for us to play in...) This afternoon, I threw a quick list together of a few of my ideas for drills the team can do at practice or on their own, to make practices during the year go faster as we need to be very efficient with the time we have.

If you have any good drills that have helped you and your team out or that you've seen work well, please tell me about them! Also, feel free to make corrections to names, criticize them if you've seen something like them fail in real life, or whatever else you feel is appropriate. I'll keep adding them to the list and maybe we could have a sticky quality list eventually.

Thanks guys!


Level 1 No Field Required: (Can be done anywhere)

Mirror Snapping
Players get in front of a mirror and snap into the mirror, seeing how far the stick out and adjusting their form accordingly. Helps build muscle memory.

Stationary Breakout
Players get in the breakout position and after go, go, go, snap to shooting positions, even moving to an imaginary bunker if needed. Helps build muscle memory for breakouts.

Players don all playing gear and do suicides. Gets them used to being active in all their gear.

RnG Switch
Set up two cones 30 feet apart, player starts at one and runs to the other shooting (can also dry fire/walk) perpendicular to the direction being traveled. Once the player gets to the cone he slides in, switches hands and runs does the same thing back, and so on. Goal is smoothness in upper body and marker, not speed. Work up to speed.

Sliding and Switching
Set up a wide slalom of cones, players run to and slide around each cone, sprinting away and making sure the marker is always in the proper hand.

Level 1 Require Field: (simple fundamentals that require shooting)

Player runs and guns aiming for a cone behind a bunker

RnG Switch 2
Same as original, but with paint and cones to hit while running.

Players get in mirrored bunkers and snap shoot. Every time one ball is shot, player must check back in to the bunker. Ensure players practice snap shooting a variety of bunkers – All players should be sufficient at all positions.

Players pick a side (snake or dorito) and bump up after getting Gs. Alternatively, some of the players the bumper is trying to kill can just leave randomly to simulate a teammate killing them. Teaches aggression and the necessity of angles + flanking.

Breakout 1
Player gets set, snaps up at the signal and shoots one ball through his lane. Reset and restart. Builds muscle memory, saves paint.

Level 2 RF: (1 on 1 common game scenario drills practiced on a full field)

Breakout 2
Player gets set, snaps up at the signal and shoots one ball or a short rope to a cone in his lane. Move to home if shooting the rope. Reset and restart. Builds muscle memory.

Game Changer
Players start in their bunker, run at least a 1/3 of the field, and bunker a cone. You can throw a person in place of the cone to crank up the difficulty.

1v1 Breakout Corner
Players breakout, one stays home and trys to lane the other out, restart and switch roles as soon as running player gets to the corner. Can run two of these drills at a time.

1v1 Breakout Jousting
Both players run for mirrored bunkers (ex. Dorito back) while shooting each other.

Snake Battle
Each team starts out with a snake and snake back. They then gun fight. Goal is to get to the other side of the snake. Focus is communication and filling in. Players can also breakout to make it more realistic.

Level 3 RF: (2v3+, usually uneven scenarios)

2v3 Communication
Two players pick any bunkers of their choice, on their side of the field. The three breakout, without markers, and have to reach an objective such as getting pass the 50, getting to an important bunker for the layout, or bunkering one or both of the opponents. The two try to stop them. Focus is communication. Also helps build aggression and instinct.

Markers similar to Etha?

16 April 2012 - 09:25 AM

Hey guys. I just got back from a hiatus of a few years and played a tournament this weekend, and since it was PSP 12.5, I couldn't use my beloved 2k5 Alias. Coach let me use a borrow new Etha and I loved it.

I was running it with a 68/45 with a myth reg and the ergos were amazing. Like, perfect. The only things I didn't like were how loud it is, the kick, and the consistency was kinda bad (although it was literally brand new, so thats probably why) - but those are just minor discrepancies.

Anyways, my question is, can yall recommend some guns that feel similar to the Etha ergonomics wise? Thanks in advance!