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12 October 2010 - 08:12 PM

Hey guys, this isnt really about K- OS but i felt you guys would be best suited to answer this question. What time on wensdays is it best for a walk on to go? I want a little competition because rec is kinda boring when you play with newbies all the time, thanks in advance.

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11 October 2010 - 02:59 PM

Hy guys, i've just come bck to the forums, and i'll be playing pb more often in the future. Also i got a question to ask about nycpb does anybody go on wensdays, and if not are walk ons allowed or do you need to be accompanyed by a team?

In Topic: so guys, ive almost made my decision

24 July 2010 - 08:33 PM

alright guys ive almost made my decision
ive been bouncing between a used Nt for $1000 for a new rare NT for 1450

( i only need to get 200 more dollars to buy the new NT)

heres the link to the new NT


The NT is a beautiful gun as is, used the extra cash for entry and paint.

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24 July 2010 - 10:32 AM

Well i just got back from a game of reball that deserves a rant,
My field divides its time in two sections , beginers and advanced but some of the douche bag advanced players decided to show up early and start killing newbs, now i had been planing to move up to intermediate soon so i welcomed it as a new challenge, but in my first game i ran to the snkae and slide in , one of the highschool kids was in the fifty i did three shots into his shoulder saw them all hit then moved on to my next target, only to be shot in the back by the fifty guy , now i let this slide just this once, but when the next game came around i was on the other side of the fiedl at the twennty five i saw a guy in the snake i shot him in the mask mutliple times seeing the balls bounce off(remeber reballs) he just turned and shot at me , he had a better angel which is why i tryed to take him out in the first place, so i was shot out yet again i made my way over to the other side and asked the ref if he saw that he said he was looking ht eother way and reballs are't really easy to see hit , so i waited til the game was over and caught up with the said guy and asked did i hit you ( yep i'm a master of interagation , he said no ,mabye i'm just better than you ...wtf? i was stunned , pissed off out of my mind, more pissed off than i have ever been , i am usaly a calm guy but this just crossed the line i complaned to the refs , and they said there is nothing they could do , reballs is an honor system and if they have no honor they can pretty much stay the whole time intil a ref gets lucky and sees a hit , i let it go , got a gaderride and sat down for a while so i could play with the other group as i was whatching cheeter guy( i don't know him and i'm glad i don't) made a dash to the fifty then his whole team got shot out til it was only him so the other team was moving up and he made a dash back shooting the whole enemy team was shooting at him , i could see the mutliple hits they were getting on him and he still stayed in intil a ref letteraly pulled him out of the game , come un i mean what makes you stoop this low cheating against 10 yr olds ? they were fist time players for chisrt sakes and to blattenly cheat , he was pull aside byt a ref and he still lied has anything like this happedned to =you?

Why are using Reballs? And why don't you use any sort of basic English conventions?

In Topic: Team Untitled Recruiting!

24 July 2010 - 07:56 AM

Team Uniforms:
Proto Red Jersey

Pants: What ever you like, as long as it's RED

Can you change the jersey because alot of sites only offer XXL.