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In Topic: Ion XE Pro vs G3 vs SLG UL 09

30 September 2009 - 08:28 PM

I would choose the G3 I love the feel of that marker when holding and shooting it. its reliable lightweight good board.
Stay away from the Ions they are problem Factories, it seems everytime I go to play there is always at lease 1 kid with an Ion that wont shoot.
The Slg is a good marker if you will be able to clean and maintain it all the time. I love its board and how it feels in your hand. its reg is Great.
Some slg's have been reported to have issues but out of all the slg's ive owned the only problem ive had was a small leak in the asa and that was just one marker.

From my research, I noticed that 09 SLGs seem to be fine but 08 SLG's seem crappy. I know I'm going to buy the 09 model and everyone I know says they are reliable. As for cleaning, I'm a freak about that, after every game I field strip my gun and clean it. So no worries there I suppose. Thank you. But I'm still not sure what to go with. I have never heard of the azodin blitz. And to be honest I don't like to go with guns from unknown companies.