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Ion XE Pro vs G3 vs SLG UL 09

30 September 2009 - 05:35 PM

Hey everyone I've been playing paintball for awhile and I want to upgrade to a better gun so i need some opinions which gun to pick

Dangerous Power G3 IQ Paintball Gun - Orange / Black: $299.99

Proto SLG Paintball Gun with UL Frame and Eyes - Black Dust $299.95 (Ignore the Mask, I don't care about that or the deal for it)

Ion Xe Pro Package - Yellow Body Kit $269.95 (I Would get a yellow body kit instead, my local shop has this deal also, so I will not being buy it from this site)

Thank you everyone in advance! Please remember I care more about the quality/accuracy and what not more then the appearance. So judge the gun, not the color please :)

PS: I have used the Ion Xe Pro in a game and I really liked it but I would to know about the other 2, and once again Thanks!