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Im Back

23 April 2014 - 12:02 AM

Hi techpb, im back on the forums from a long hiatus lol. its been a while. i cant wait to keep making new friends on here like i did back in the begining. just wanted to say hello to everyone. i play paintball in south florida so if anyone is local send me a message so we can talk!

Shocker SFT Eigenbolt problem

22 April 2014 - 11:55 PM

Hey everyone. First post in a couple years. glad to be back on TECHPB but i have a problem. I cant seem to get a very small leak to stop. I cannot tell where it it comming from but when I put my ear in the feedneck I hear a hiss, very slight hiss. I can get it to stop if I move the bolt with my finger either down or to the side while its aired up, but as soon as a shot if fired it begins to leak again. I replaced every single oring making sure that the fitment is perfect, and it is, except with the front and rear inner can orings. I cannot seem to find a set that grab the bolt tight enough, when I check for fitment there I can tell it slides too easily back and forth. I even tried dow55 to swell the orings but that has not helped. I have thousands of orings and have only found two 017 orings that fit well, but there is still a small leak. 

I have been able to shoot the bolt for 2 tanks and I loved the feel instantly. I would love to get this problem resolved