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03 February 2014 - 05:14 PM

do you still have the Proto Pro Axis (Pink)

In Topic: Prototype Paintball Markers... (is it good or bad)

24 December 2013 - 02:58 AM

Also with CCM a prototype could mean the anno color, I had a brown j2 that had a letter stating it was a one of one because they were never able to reproduce that exact color because it was a prototype.

My CCM S6.5 is a gloss black - it was the 9th in prototype production

In Topic: Prototype Paintball Markers... (is it good or bad)

16 December 2013 - 02:49 AM

okay thanks for the advices - It's a sweet marker



- I sold/traded my CCM T2 and got some cash


(Empire Trracer) - I traded and got cash.



- Main (CCM S6.5)

- Backup or Lender (Empire Trracer)

In Topic: To collect, sell, or lend it... that is the question

07 December 2013 - 02:24 AM

I routinely flip guns for a profit so not often I keep a gun more than a few months, thus far that I can remember....

Tippmann A5
Ego 06
Tippmann A5 x2 (bought to flip)
Marq 6
Proto SLG (bought to flip)
Ego 09
Ego 09
Ego 11
Victory V2 
Ego 11
Sanchez SM1
Etek 3 (Bought to flip)
Spyder MRX (Bought to flip)
Clone V2

I currently just own the last SL94, no gun has left my hands without me turning a profit =)

Yeah I'm the same way - when I started paintball I bought a marker and sold that marker and saved couple bucks to buy a newer marker (I only had each marker for month or so (except two acception)


(first) - Proto SLG Rail "starter marker" really shitty (sold it) to get Ego 07

Ego 07 "first high end marker"

WGP K2 pump (first pump marker) got it really cheap.

I bought a Smart Parts Ion - in the process to try a spool valve

SL-94 "I traded my Ego 07 setup tank and hopper for SL-94"


(I had the Pump and the SL-94) until I quit and then came back


(after coming back) - Ego 11

Geo 2.1 (sold the Ego 11 to buy the Geo 2.1)

CCM S6 "first high end pump" (sold it and went back to get another Geo 2.1)

Geo 2.1 (sold this to buy another pump)

Empire Sniper (sold it) - to buy the T2

CCM T2 (currently I have now)


bought CCM S6.5

_ I'm about to sell the T2 make some profit and add toward the money owe for the 6.5

(trading and some cash)


So soon I'll have the CCM S6.5 and the Empire Trracer (for milsim look)




- Proto SLG Rail

- Ego 07

- WGP K2 Pump

- Smart Parts Ion

- SL-94


- Ego 11

- Geo 2.1

- CCM S6

- Geo 2.1

- Empire Sniper

- CCM T2


- CCM S6.5

- Empire Trracer

In Topic: To collect, sell, or lend it... that is the question

04 December 2013 - 01:33 AM

What color is the T2?

It's a goldish color and black