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TECH PB MOBILE V1 Going Up 12/12/09

06 December 2009 - 11:27 AM

Tech PB Mobile V1 Will be Ready For The Public On 12/12/09 and Will Have Many Features Including:

- All 480 Techpb Videos Adapted for Iphones, Cell Phones and other mobile devices. (If it has a browser, and a video camera it will play it!)

- Mobile IRC Client for Techpb Chat (many networks are blocked due to spam, but if you connect to wifi it should work)

- Paintball Trigger Speed APP (Only For Jail Broken Iphones and Ipod Touches)

- Weekly Updates

- And Much Much MORE!

COMING 12/12/09

Techpb Mobile Videos V 0.5 beta

21 October 2009 - 04:52 PM

Hey guys, need some help over here, I am working on a mobile video site for techpb. (before i upload it i will make sure that it goes ok with willie)

It's really easy :) and it could teach you some html, if you are new to this.

What you need to do:

Before doing this please pm me so i can tell you the videos that i need links for.

Step 1:

First go to m.youtube.com

Step 2:

Then search for the video that you would like.

Step 3:

Open up notepad

and copy paste this code for as many videos as you have.

<a href="http://your video url">Video Name</a>

Step 4:

Copy the video url and title and put it into the notepad document.


<a href="http://m.youtube.com...mv-google">Halo B Dissasembly Video Part 1</a>

Step 5:

Email me or pm me the text, and if you help I will put you on the contributor list!

Thanks guys,

All help is needed and welcome

-Jack (FTW)

Google ads

20 October 2009 - 06:58 PM

Mike you said i wouldn't get fucking free credit score bull shit and this came close


MMA six pack? I don't give!

I think that ads are fine, but this shit is out of wack. You said that you wanted paintball ads on you site. I am ok with google TEXT ADS but these banners are going insane.

At least give me a warning + avg marked it as a !! website!

Please, guys don't do this to your site. If this can come up than free fuck triple score can!

At least promise only PAINTBALL ads in the forums.

Please Willie and mike, please


.50 Caliber VS .68 Caliber

18 October 2009 - 02:45 PM

.50 Or .68



Smaller (less space)

Less Pain (will brig more people to our sport)

Better air consumption


Smaller Splatter

Need Fo a Conversion kit or new marker

Less Range (for now)

Not many details out yet

Which ever you choose will determine the fate of our sport.

Personally I support it

It is up to you to decide!

10-14 Year Old Paintball Player N00b Guide Part 1

14 October 2009 - 01:57 PM

Posted Image

First And Foremost Let me introduce my self.
My Name is Jack and I have been play paintball from the ground up for 3 years. I know the basics on how to get into paintball when you are a pre teen.
What I have for you is a guide to a sucessful preteen paintball player in the first 6 months of playing.
My recipe for a sucessful preteen paintball player is made up by 5 things:



Parent Involvement 



The Guide is  chopped up to to five steps to becoming a good player.   More Resorces and Links are at the bottom.

Step One: Partnership

Now, if you are reading this I am sure you are thinking "What in the heck does partnership have to do with paintball?
Well, it actually is very important and it is a very good tool to get the other four items on the recipe.
By partnership, I mean getting into paintball with a friend. 
Now, some of the benifits of getting into paintball with a partner are that usually at least one parent will support paintball, and possibly be able to coax the other
parent into also supporting you in paintball. The second reason why getting into this with a partner is CAR POOLING!!!! Parents hate driving you around, especially 
if the closest field is an hour away! Now the third and final reason why getting a friend to get in to paintball with you is for budgeting reasons.
Think about it, you and a friend doing yard work together is a lot more fun than doing it alone, also some jobs require two people and might pay a bit more than some other jobs.

Step Two: Budgeting

As you know, Paintball is EXETREAMLY EXPENSIVE! And lets just say that if you ask your parents if they are interested in spending $50 a weekend on something that most likely have never heard of, you answers is probably going to be a NO!

So, first I am going to tell you how to just scrape by when it comes to play once or twice a month on a tight budget.

    A. Finding A Job  

        Ok So you are all ready to start earning some money for paintball (hopefully with a buddy of yours who also wants to start) 

        The best paying job that you can get for the 10-12 year old kids is to rake leaves and mow lawns. Usually you will earn $5-10 per job and and an average size lawn with take 30-60 min.   
  Your Goal: To Earn $25 Per person Each month, If you want to play once a month.

       The best paying job that you can get for 13-14 year old teens is a painting job! You can earn in excess of $15 per job, but make sure you parents are ok with you doing it before you begin to look for jobs.
  Your Goal: To Earn $50 Per Person Each month, if you want to play twice a week

   B. How to save tons of money on admission and rental

     Here I will teach you how to budget your money, to the point where you only pay for paint.  First Go Hear and sign up for the Great Day of Play http://www.greatdayo...ree-entry-pass/
     Then Find a Field using your zip code that accepts this pass http://www.greatdayo.../field-locator/
    This pass entitles you to free admission and rental for you and a friend at any field you can find with the field locator above! All you have to do is pay for paintballs!
     On Average you will shoot 300-500 paintball per day, each weekend you will be required to buy 500 paintballs. They range in prices from $10-25 per bag (each bag contains 500 paintballs)
    Also, these passes work only once, so just make a new email adress every time you sign up so they will send the free pass!

Step Three: Parent Involvement

Parent Involvement is an absolute must! But, usually if you follow steps one and two and you tell your parents about how safe it is and if all that fails, show them this website http://www.paint-bal...fety_report.htm
It should set them straight.   Tell them about car pooling and try and find the closest paintball nearest to you.

Step Four: Gaining Respect

This step is very important. 
In Order for you to play paintball you must get respect from four bodies of people:

Your Parents
Be Extra Nice to you parents, but don't make it so they can tell you are sucking up, just do what they tell you to do.

Your Community
 For this first 6 months, if you have your own gun, don't fire it in your house or outside. Period End of story!

Your Field
 This is probably the easiest place to gain respect. All you have to do is follow the rules and don't argue with refs 
 It is as easy as that

and Your Peers

 Most Likely there is going to be some one at the field who really knows what they are doing.
 Yes, this person is usually an adult but, treat him like you would a friend of yours and ask him for tips and pointers. And on the field do exactly what he tells you to do, also don't  piss him off. Remember be RESPECTFUL!

Don't Be a know it all!!!! That is the one thing that everyone hates, a newbie talking about things he doesn't know about.

Also be modest about your gear, don't brag (if you have gear).

Step Five: Responsibility
Follow every rule that they tell you at the field
Follow these guide lines and you should be good.

/ End of The Guide Part One







Still editing

More Coming Soon

Great Channel for begginer guides