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Elbows Atomic Elbows 1 inch Elbows F/S

23 October 2009 - 04:17 PM

All Brand New

Posted Image

Atomic Elbows $4

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1 inch Elbows for Sheridans, Trracers etc $4

Shipping will depend on zip code and will be shipping via USPS first class mail. Questions please ask.

Price breaks for multiple buys

Thank You

New Sportshot Style Hoppers F/S

23 October 2009 - 03:44 PM

Well the demand for sportshots were and currently seems high. I sold many and took everyones feedback into consideration when ordering the next batch. And with that being said I was able to find a better hopper. A hopper that didn't have the problems that the sportshot had. Almost same width & size. Plus this one is a one piece hopper, standard 1" feed neck, and is built very tough. Life time guarantee against any breaking, cracks, etc. Includes unbreakable clear rubber lid. Best of all it's all made in the USA.

And here she is; The APP 150rd Sight Feeder.
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Prices are:
10 shipped for one
18 shipped for two
25 shipped for three
30 shipped for four
36 shipped for five

I will ship to Canada ALL US 50 states and outside of the US. Questions please PM me.