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Quick Vid I Made

09 May 2010 - 08:32 PM

Just a quick vid I made today, thought I'd see how TechPB liked it. :unsure:

Can't access BST

21 February 2010 - 10:22 AM

Can anybody tell me why? And how can I view feedback of members?

Goblin Paintball Launcher

01 November 2009 - 09:02 PM

Article taken from M. Carter Brown, mcarterbrown.com

GOBLIN Paintball is proud to announce its new micro launcher:

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GOBLIN launchers use the patent pending Air Cartridge Technology to deliver a unique and innovative marker to the sport of paintball and airsoft. The GOBLIN Solo is a compact, single shot marker intended for use as a back-up marker, as a hidden marker for various scenario applications or just for the novelty of a cool single shot marker!

The cartridge is the heart of the GOBLIN line of markers and uses Air Cartridge Technology to provide players with a self contained paintball or airsoft shell. The cartridge is charged with CO2 or HPA and holds the charge until it is released through the Solo launcher. Charging can be done with any approved air or CO2 delivery system using the supplied adaptor in the SOLO kit.

Posted Image

The Solo players’ kit comes with one GOBLIN Solo launcher, one Air Cartridge with a barrel for .68 paintballs and another for 6mm airsoft ammo, a refill adapter and a tactical MOLLE Holster. The GOBLIN Solo is a unique marker and can be a game saver when used as a back-up and will surely have scenario players dreaming up special applications.

Look for the New GOBLIN Solo at your local dealers!

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GOBLIN Solo, Back up your game!

Some more info straight from their website,

The GOBLIN ‘SOLO’ uses a unique reusable Air Cartridge that holds a single .68 Paintball.
Using an included Air Adaptor, the Air Cartridge is charged
with any standard CO2 or compressed air Paintball tank.
The GOBLIN ‘SOLO’ set also includes a
6mm Airsoft BB Barrel that can launch up to 12 Airsoft BB’s at a time!

The GOBLIN ‘SOLO’ Set comes with the following:

-GOBLIN ‘SOLO’ Micro-Launcher
-GOBLIN Air Cartridge
-.68 Magnum Barrel
-6mm Nitro-Express Barrel
-GOBLIN Air Adaptor
-Tactical MOLLE Pouch
-Owner’s Manual

$89 MSRP


20 October 2009 - 09:00 PM

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If you live and Maine and play paintball, please visit this website. As you probably know, paintball in Maine is dying. We are trying to revive it. The website has only been up for 2 months and we already have 63 members and over 7300 posts. We have helped many fields by advertising events to members of MainePB.com. We are currently trying to get the word out so we can create a closer community. Feel free to join and spread the word.