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WTB Older Egos/Eteks, Proteges, Minis, G4s, etc.

12 September 2010 - 11:49 PM

Ok I am currently buying gear Mask, Loader tank etc. I want offers on markers like Etek/Egos, Proteges, G4s, F8s etc.... I have $300 and should be buying around christmas. Preferably I want the gun to be put on ebay just to keep me from getting screwed it has happened to many times. Thx

EDIT: $250 is all I can spend! I have seen some Etek 1 and DM4s on The BST forum. I want anything Planet Eclipse, Dye, Bob Long or Dangerous Power and might get a Mini as long as it is the new one. I dont want a peice of shit even if it is a Ego 10 if its shit domt post!

Getting back into paintball, what to buy?

11 September 2010 - 11:25 PM

Whats up Tech PB? Ok Code Red is back!! (newer members wont remember my previous awesomeness)

Ok I want to get back into PB and looking at spending so money!!! I am looking at the:

Mask: Proflex, Pro Vantage, or a Proto Axis Pro
Loader: Invert too or somthing similar
HPA Tank: Crossfire 68/45 high pressure
Marker: well this is what the thread is about, If anyone new me or looks at my previous threads i LOVED the G3, Alias and anything Eclipse. Ok I will buy used. My friend pirahana92 said to get a Blitz or a Alias. I like the Blitz but might be able to spend a maximum or $300. There is no rush I will ask for this for Christmas after i buy everything else. So I like the G4, anything eclipse under $300, maybe PMs or DMs and anything Bob Long.

Is there anything I should look at? And i dont want a Mini. Thx

WTB Bob Long Intimidator/Timmy

06 February 2010 - 09:51 AM

Ok I want to buy a Bob Long Intimidator. I preferably want an Alias but there all fine, I only have $250 to spend on a marker so if you have a protege off it up to. I also am in need of a HPA tank. Maybe we can work out a deal on that. Plz offer up and post pics or links. If you have a Bob Long in the Intimidator series and want to sell it plz offer up. Thx in advance

What marker to buy?

02 February 2010 - 06:28 PM

Ok im 12 so I have NO money and I don't have a job so its even harder to get $$. So I need a marker that is accurate (shoot less balls saving me money), effecient (save air), good price, long lasting/durable, ez to maintain, good for speedball, xball, and big long scenarios. So over all I just need a long lasting, saves me money, all around marker. I was thinking a Etek 1/2/3 or a Ego 7/8. I have around a $300 budget. I was think about the Egos and Eteks because they have the 50 cal. Conversion Kit. There for shooting cheaper paint :)/ plz leave your oppinion no flaming and thx in advance :)

What $60 and under mask to buy?

02 February 2010 - 05:56 PM

Ok I need a new thermal/no fog mask. I was looking at the proflexes and I was think if I should save $30 and go with the V-Force Vantage. Or is there another mask in the $60 or lees range that is better than any of them? If so just post. Thx in advance,