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In Topic: Where do you mostly get hit?

27 July 2011 - 09:22 PM

usually in my belly or chest area when I do battle kamikazes and flail my arms out.

In Topic: Do Automags Run off of High or Low pressure systems?

26 July 2011 - 01:19 PM

Most tank regs advertise an 850 PSI output, but really they're only outputting close to 750, which is entirely too little for a mag. 900 PSI is about ideal for a nice RT. I've seen people run them on 1.3k to get them really ripping.

In Topic: Autococker w/ Autotrigger v2

22 July 2011 - 03:03 PM

It wouldn't work with paint unless you had say a blazer/pyre style bolt where the bolt still travels a good amount after sealing the feedneck, It would shoot pretty low too because you have so much blow back coming out the feedneck, and with that, it would be hard to even feed the balls consistently since the air pushes them up, let alone at the rate of 10+ bps.

In Topic: what i recently got in the mail

27 June 2011 - 08:54 AM

why put drops of oil in the asa? isnt that bad to do

You would never do that to an electropneumatic marker since the oil would kill the solenoid, but on a mech gun it's the easiest way. Just remember to take off the barrel the first few shots or it'll be caked with excess oil.

In Topic: P68

24 June 2011 - 07:41 PM

Can you tell me about it?

How's the pump stroke? Not great, not bad.

What kind of aftermarket parts are there? Lots, but someone else will better explain than me.

Are they accurate? With any older marker, the ergonomics are a bit less than a modern gun but every bit as accurate.

What kind of theads are they or is the barrel integrated? The barrel is soldered to the body.

Maybe some more info if you're feeling generous:)

I'm not a huge brass junkie personally, I've always like more "modern" pumps like the Phantom and modern Sniper II's. But from the ones I've shot and played with they are solid brass guns.

A lot of depends on what's on the gun. A Stock P68SC will probably run you $150- $175. If it's been to Palmers, it's gonna be more.

LOL Anything that comes from Palmers will be a LOT more.

Really depends on what they did. If it's just a performance tune and some wedgits and a detente. If it's nickled plated and all decked out, yeah, they'll get up there. If it's a stroker, forgetaboutit.

Meh, Strokers have really bad resale. It'll cost you $700 to get it converted, and then you sell it for $300 or less. I haven't seen a stroker go for more than $350 in a while.