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Paintball episode on NBC's Community

06 May 2010 - 11:33 PM

Tonight's episode is about paintball. Who cares if they don't wear masks, it's still pretty damn funny. Definitely the most funny use of paintball on TV.

If you missed it or don't watch, it'll be on Hulu.com tomorrow sometime, search "Community."

Wow I completely missed the other thread, my bad.

I looked before I posted too. :(



29 January 2010 - 08:03 PM

I live in Texas and have never truly seen snow, but I'm going to school in Oklahoma and today it snowed 7 inches! It was epiiiiccc. My buddy and I took skateboard decks and made them into mini snowboards and took them down the city dam hill. We were going faster than anyone else trying to sled...so much fun. I'm sure all you people up north hate snow, but I love it. Where I am in Oklahoma it only snows like 3-4 times per winter, just the perfect amount. My feet were absolutely frozen though...anyone got tips to keep your shoes from getting soaked? Or what type of shoes to get?

I hate paintball.

23 January 2010 - 06:58 PM

I've been plagued with gun problems this past month. I missed the prime time of the season basically back home in Texas because I had problem after problem. I got a brand new tank from Crossfire and the regulator leaked and wouldn't hold air. There goes 2 weeks of playing. I finally get my tank back and go to air up my PM7 that I bought here and what the f***, it starts leaking out the back of the bolt and venting air out the side of the regulator. Wow, just wow. So, I thought it was an o-ring or something. I rebuilt the bolt completely and lubed it up. No more bolt leak, regulator still f'd. Took it to a proshop and we determined that it had an incorrect amount of shims. It wasn't even close to being right. They said there were even shims that don't match the Hyper 2 in there. WTF?? Awesome, now I'm out 30 bucks because some idiot doesn't even have the right shims in the regulator. How the hell can you go on TechPB and say the gun shoots flawless when it won't even pressurize correctly. So I got the correct amount of shims direct from DYE and go to replace them and what the f*** I can't get the bottom cap of the reg off. It's like welded on there. I tried a strap wrench and various other rubber items. Now I have to go get a vice or something to torque this mother f'er off. What a disaster...and I still don't know if the gun works. I still haven't played in a month. Oh, almost forgot, the battery harness wires came right out of the connector when I was taking the frame off to install a trigger too. How can the battery harness wires be beat to shit when the gun is "like new?" Had to get that replaced as well.

Anyway, I still can somehow validate the purchase because of what I paid for it in the first place. It does show very minimal wear except for my troubles...which are huge if you ask me...I still think it was dick move to try to sell something that doesn't work. I guess it's my fault for buying from a 13 year old kid. I love that younger people are going out there and playing. Like we say, they are the future of the sport, but if they are going to be shooting high end guns they need to know what the hell they are doing. I'm seriously considering not buying anything used ever again. It's just not worth the trouble.

The guys name on TechPB is LanmanXXX or something. He's trying to sell stuff again I think, I would stay away from him.

EDIT: Here's the link to his sale:


He's quitting apparently. I won't go into the thread, but consider this my warning. :tdn:

/end rant

PM7 Frame

04 January 2010 - 05:02 PM

I posted this in the tech room as well...

I took my frame off to install a new CP trigger. The trigger install was great, but when I went to put the frame back on, I couldn't get the "front frame screw" to tighten. I kept all the hardware in groups when I was taking it apart. I separated the grip screws and frame screws. The longer frame screw is the back, the shorter one is the front. This matches what I have in my spare parts kit. But as I look at pictures of PM7s I notice that there doesn't seem to be a front frame screw. What am I missing here guys?

This is the first time I've taken the frame off as I just got it about a month ago.

PM7 Frame issue

02 January 2010 - 11:06 PM

So today I installed a new CP trigger on my Minion/PM7. Trigger install went great, but I noticed that my battery harness wires were beat to shit and starting to come apart (I guess the part that was worn was hidden by the batteries and I didn't notice). They broke when I put the battery back in. I guess that's an easy enough fix. I'll just get a new harness. But, when I was putting the frame back on I couldn't get the front frame screw to catch and tighten...

Am I just being an r-tard or what? I just got the gun about a month ago and this is the first time I've taken the frame off. I read the manual and it shows a "front frame screw" along with a back one. The back one tightened fine, but the front won't. The front and back are different sizes. It is the same screw that I took out I believe. It also matches the "front frame screw" from the spare parts kit. Am I missing something here? Any help would be appreciated.