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biloxi river paintball

09 May 2010 - 05:22 PM

hey just throwing this up that if there is anyone ine south mississippi alabama or louisana we have a great feild named biloxi river paintball!!!! here is the link for the website http://biloxiriverpaintball.com/. the website has all the contact info and prices. i personally play on terror squad who is sponsered by the feild and it is a great scenario woodsball feild! the prices are far beyond fair and cheap and the feild also fills its own hpa and co2, we also offer rental packages for those who have friends that dont have gear!!!! if your looking for a awsome place to play and meet great people take a look at the website and were open every saturday!!!!

07 ego cheap!

29 April 2010 - 07:18 PM

Marker: 07 planet eclipse ego
Condition: 8/10
Known Problems: none/0
Asking Price: 380$
Shipping Options: usps
Trades of interest:geo well talk
Location: gulfport,MS
Included with deal:gun,pe barrel sleave

this gun shoots flawless and looks flawless. im shooting 10 140 round pods and a full 400 round pinokio off a 88/45 easy tis gun is well broken in and has never gone down mid game or mid tourny on me. only reason im sellin is to get a geo.

virtued dp g3

23 February 2010 - 01:03 AM

Attached File  dp g3.jpg   22.96KB   133 downloadsAttached File  dp g3 2.jpg   25.29KB   193 downloadsAttached File  dp g3 3.jpg   25.92KB   161 downloadsAttached File  dp g3 4.jpg   25.33KB   142 downloadsAttached File  dp g3 5.jpg   18.21KB   76 downloadsMarker: Dp G3
Condition: litterally bnib
Upgrades: virtue board,cp 14 inch board
Known Problems: none
Asking Price: 215$
Shipping Options: usps
Trades of interest:tippmann tpx
Location: Gulfport,Ms
Included with deal:box,dp g3, extra macro line and fitting.

i have my virtued dp g3 with cp 14 inch barrel for trade mostly but will sell for right price. the trade im looking for most is a tippmann tpx with a upgraded barrel and hopfully a silencer

tac 8

26 October 2009 - 08:22 PM

Marker:tiberius tac 8
Color:black/silver barrel
Upgrades:4 mags/drop leg holster/drop leg mag holster for 3
Known Problems:none
Asking Price:200
Shipping Options:ups
Trades of interest:pinokio +cash/70/45 hp tank +cash
Location of item:gulfport ms

like it says i have a tac 8 for sale or trade price is obo so offer up guys gun shoots like a dream just really want to upgrade to ego's

up'd and modded x7

26 October 2009 - 01:09 PM

ok guys im fairly new to this forum but ive heard this is one of the only trustworthy sites to sell/buy used equipment.


1.no lowballs
2.post before pming
3.if the pics provided are not clear enough or do not show something you wanna see let me know and more can be provided.
4. i dont go to your thread and flame you so dont do it to mine.

Marker:tippmann x7
Upgrades:response trigger/silent hopper mod/boiled squishy paddles
Known Problems:none
Asking Price:250
Shipping Options:ups
Trades of interest:angel a1, lp tank +cash
Location of item:gulfport,ms

ok so i have up for sale or trade a up'd and modded x7.

ups are as listed:
two response triggers.boiled stock paddles to make squishy.
freak jr kit a5/x7 thread with 3 inserts,.693,.691,.689.
and insulatted hopper/ has a thin layer of squishy material inside to reduce ball raddeling while running.

mods are listed:
extended forgrip mod. two stock forgrips epoxy'd together and milled to match.
hk 417 air soft stock modded to fit the car stock buffer tube.
hk 417 metal rear and frint sights.
m16 extended mag and short mag with mag pull.

extras are listed:
tippmans full parts kit
replacement car stock
2 back caps to have no stock.
2 reg back sights and front sights.
and barrel sock.

price for everything is 300$.trades im looking for are angel a1's not flys just a a1.