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In Topic: Any decent sites?

20 October 2010 - 12:08 AM

ive herd Real McCoys is a good field but thats about an hour from greenville

In Topic: vibe

29 September 2010 - 12:14 AM

vibes are amazing guns for the price, if you can find one you should pick it up

In Topic: about college....

23 September 2010 - 07:22 PM

definitely save up some money, paying for tuition and books is a pain in the ass

In Topic: smart parts vibe help

11 September 2010 - 09:43 PM

is it a standard vibe or a blackheart?

In Topic: Salvo mods?

01 June 2010 - 10:59 AM

you could get a flatline or apex barrel. any other "upgrades" wouldnt be worth the cost.