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Based on a true story

21 January 2012 - 12:43 PM

Dear TechPB,

Just wanted to share a little story.

2 years ago, i bought a brand new CF tank, my first one in fact. And after scouting the forums, i made my mind up. It was a little more expensive than other tanks, but due to all the good things i heard, i decided to choose that Shiny Black tank with the huge red "N" written on it.

2 weeks later, i play a game and the outer epoxy starts to crack, but it's just aesthetics, so to be safe, i asked the people of that company if it was safe, and true enough it was perfectly fine. I was cool with this, so i just epoxied it.

Then, 2 years later (or 3 weeks ago) i decided to open up my tank cover and clean it a little. And i noticed that the crack had grown past the epoxy i pasted on. So i asked them again, and again they told me it was safe (which it was, as i was using it for 2 years) so i epoxied the whole thing this time, just to be sure.

But it didn't end there, they didn't want me having a tank that was even remotely aesthetically blemished, so they told me they'd send me a new one, and i told them there was no need, as they would have had to ship it all the way to Malaysia (on the other side of the planet) and shipping would be expensive, but they said that they would handle the shipping, so i told them to take the economical route, as i could wait and was in no hurry, but they decided that USPS priority was probably more efficient.

So here i am, after 2 weeks of being told that they'd send me a replacement, cradling a new shiny crack free tank, still in awe that a company would go through such lengths to ensure that each customer is satisfied. And i'm definitely sure that each one of their customers are aren't just happy, they're proud to have this tank on their guns. In fact, after this story, my team mates have temporarily excommunicated me because they're just jealous...Posted Image

Thank you Ray, Thank you Ninja. you guys are truly no compromise :tup:

TL:DR - long story short

Ninja tank's rock! buy them


05 January 2012 - 11:12 AM

I love a loud marker, and i already have an etek3 which sounds like a boomstick. Anyways, if i tape off my porting, will the sound signature be louder? I play back, and the sound's a good distractor, but above all, me gusta

Account help

01 January 2012 - 01:23 PM

Need some help regarding account security. Who do i contact?

Lube on the reg

30 December 2011 - 05:15 AM

Hey techpb,

I'm sure it's been ouut there a couple times, but i just want to be specifically sure.

It's safe to lube the reg internals in beneath the bonnet right? As in, can i take my bonnet off, and lube anything inside of it? It won't make the tank go kablooey! right?

And just for future reference, how do we detect a tank that's got oil in it? I think it combusts at 2100 psi or something right? does it heat up unaturally or something?


Someone who values his fingers on his hands


28 December 2011 - 08:49 AM

Sup peeps!

I've been looking through this section and i saw some threads regarding cracks in the bottle's cosmetic surface. Now, i understand it is nice that ninja offers to replace the tank at no extra charge, and i am glad that they offered it to me for my issue, but my question is, how do they make any profit when they're giving out tank replacements left and right? it's not like their tanks are faulty or functionally damaged.

I ask this question out of concern, i don't want the best paintball tank company losing money when they don't have to. I must be missing something right?