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Need First Strike Rounds?

14 March 2011 - 11:48 AM

I don't know if this would be legal or not per BST rules. But I am not trying to sell anything online.
I just want to inform everyone that I have about 20 40-round boxes of first strike rounds. I will be bringing them to LL4. I know they got a little hard to come buy last year for some people, so if you need any come look for me. I do not use FS anymore, so they are completely up for grabs.

Illinois Paintballers Association

15 January 2011 - 10:03 PM

Mission Statement:

To create a community of players to support the formation and growth of organized and competitive teams for tournaments, leagues, and scenarios. To help players develop skills throughout different styles of play including woodsball, speedball, and scenario.
To support our local fields and stores.

Membership requirements:
We would like all members to be financially responsible and able to commit to events, currently the only scheduled event is Living Legends 4. We will be following through with tournaments and other scenarios as membership builds and we get an idea of the direction this group is moving. We will need members to be able to attend team meetings (Skype or Gmail Chat; to be determined) and attend practices.
We will be doing jerseys, plan on around $100. We will be creating other sponsorship packages for gloves, pants, and gear.

Our club will compete and affiliate with the team name Chicago Enforcers. The actual team roster will change with events. If interested in competing in an event we will post a roster for the event.

Association/Player Pool
Association President: BMBteke397 - Mike
Vice President: patmanbegins - Thumper
Internet91 - Nino

Scenario Squad (Living Legend Squad)

Captain: patmanbegins - Thumper
BMBteke397 - Mike
MzinCamo - MZ
PbFez - Fez
TMSballer - TMS

Association News
....Updated Regularly.
Meeting scheduled for Friday at 10pm. This will be a Skype Conference call. If you don't have skype or can't get it then please contact me and we will try to work something out. You can dowload skype for free and the conference calls are free. Please send me your Skype contact info so I can add you to the call list.