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In Topic: Paintball Fields underattack in MD, and VA.

05 November 2009 - 10:51 AM

Well I don't know much about PEV'S but I do know whats going on with O.A. of Bowie. The Housing Developing has been after that property for a year. The property that O.A. sits on pretty much has a zip code of its own. The homes that the county built are $500,000.00 plus homes. The homes were built so close to the field that you can see into there living rooms. When they placed those home they put them as close to the field as they could. Ok, here is were things get nasty, after hours players go to the field and play ball just so happened a week after this person moved into their home their house and car was it with pink filled paint. The management from O.A. went over to talk to try to resolve the matter. The onwer of the home didn't want anything to do with O.A. at all , they tried to explained that this happen when the park was closed and the park use yellow paint. So O.A. moved its speedball field to rt 50 and limited woodsball play on 4 fields that are near the homes.
People will try to do anything to close our fields.