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Modded Cure Bolt for Egos and Eteks

11 August 2010 - 06:02 PM

this is a direct quote from the "other" forum... my buddy Chris aka "Pooty51" is doing this project, and I can testify to it's improvements

I'm the other guy in the video hehe :D

Huge thanks to all of you who have helped me out with parts and guns for testing over the past months. You know who you are.

-----The cure bolt mod-----

What I have done=
1. Added two (size 15) o-rings to the bolts air intake hole.
Giving you 10-15 Feet per second gain over a stock cure bolt.
Requires a Lower HPR input
Quieter sound

2. Fifty percent of the bolts breach contact points are removed with a section left behind the bolt pin hole for stabilization.
This means less bolt to breach contact and less bolt wear.

Video (first take)

Cure3+ bolts (left is stock)
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Cut the back off this one to fit my SL8R
Posted Image

SLS bolt with muffler insert
Posted Image

Question and answer section.

Q: Will the o-rings cause more drag and slow down the ego's cycle?
A: Yes/No- In my testing I did not see a rate of fire decrease. But in this 12.5 bps day, that's not a bad idea. So I don't see an issue with it slowing down the ego's rate of fire.
More tests with larger outer diameter o-ring tolerances will be done soon.

Q: Will I get better air efficiency?
A: Yes. Some air escapes around a stock cure bolt when the Ego is fired. With o-rings sealing the bolts air intake hole, all of the air is forced to escape out the bolts face now.
This means your Ego will need a lower HPR setting to get to your desired feet per second.

Q: How does this work with a SLS bolt and inserts?
A: Very very good. More testing will be done and this thread will be updated as I get more data.

Q: How do I now the o-ring depth and width is correct?
A: I use the same measurements from another Ego bolt that you can buy.

I will update this Q&A section as more topics come up..

Help with Ion XE

20 June 2010 - 03:44 AM

okay, so... I'm usually here inputting my advice on mostly Planet Eclipse markers... and I gotta admit... I only really know PE guns.

**long story short:

my buddy decided to dump all his pb gear to feed his new addiction... which is REAL guns. I bought almost ALL his stuff for pretty cheap, which includes an Ion XE... I wish I had been able to get his Etek 2 but he sold it to someone else before I found out he was selling everything (cheap).

**Problem: So, when I shoot this Ion XE... (and yes, I've taken it apart and cleaned & lube'd it, bolt+reg), at single shots... it ain't bad... it's not very consistent... it'll go something like 285, 275, 293, 265... kinda jumps around... That's not even the problem. The problem is, once I start walking the trigger, hence at higher bps... I say after about 10 shots... the velocity just drops dramatically :(

So, like I said already, I've cleaned and lubed the bolt+reg... Is there anything else? How do I change the settings? (like dwell). I'm used to markers with screens.

my plan is either to keep this around for friends that want to try pb, or I'll just sell it... but before I sell it, I wanna make sure it's shoot decent.

thanks in advance

Need info on first Gen G3

21 January 2010 - 06:20 PM

so... locally, someone's offered me a trade for my highly up'd Ego 06. His first Gen G3 + $200... As if I don't know enough about G3's, but it's a first gen... so can someone tell me more about them? And supply a picture or two if possible?

thanks in advance.