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In Topic: Etek 3 vs. Ego 7/8

14 November 2009 - 02:58 AM

Ego07 came with Cure1 and NO Zick kit
Ego08 came with Cure1 AND Zick Kit

...that said, I DO agree with the no warranty part if your comment. However, I never bought an Ego under warranty before... and never needed it anyway. Egos are super well built markers... when you DO run into issues, you usually can figure it out on your own.

but for the record... from pictures and specs... I'm really digging the Etek3... I'd even get the AM model... and have a lighter gun (with the composite frame).

Oh, right, sorry about that. You probably mean LT though, AM is the All Metal model. The LT is composite, cheaper and slightly lighter. I agree with Lotus that the Etek3 should be a great deal. Ego 10 technology at half the price and an overall package that should beat an older Ego on everything except speed... but that is hyperspeed that I really don't need. So I would take the new Etek over an older Ego.. although any Ego will always remain an Ego.

In Topic: Etek 3 or Etek2?

13 November 2009 - 03:05 AM

I would get an Etek3 LT, it won't be much more expensive then the Etek2 on sale and it comes stock with a lot of upgrades. Plus it has a lot of parts in common with the Ego10.. so it should be a much smoother shot then the older Ego's or Etek's.

In Topic: Ego 5 vs. Ego 6

13 November 2009 - 03:03 AM

To be honest if you are going to buy an older Ego or Etek and then upgrade everything, I would suggest getting the new Etek3. As I already reply'ed in your other thread, it already comes with a On/Off Asa, Clamping feedneck, OOPS, Zick Kit, Cure Bolt ... seems like a pretty good gun on its own without any upgrades.

Good luck

In Topic: Etek 3 vs. Ego 7/8

13 November 2009 - 02:59 AM

For the new Etek3, I don't think anybody can say for sure as it is not out yet. But on paper it looks like a very good deal. If they feel as good an Ego, I will definatly be getting one. You can get an new Etek3, a top-hopper (rotor, prophecy, pinokio) and a carbon (4500/68) bottle for less then a new Ego9 (which has already come down in price here). The Etek3 comes standard with On/Off ASA, OOPS, Clamping feedneck, Good trigger, Cure bolt, Zick Kit, decent board and all the other gadgets the older Ego's had.

If you would get a stock Ego7 or 8, you would still need to get a Cure bolt and Zick Kit. Not to mention it would still be a used gun with no warranty. But again.. it really comes down to the reviews of the Etek3 that we should wait for. I really want to hear some feedback on how this marker compares to a stock Ego9.

In Topic: Can I get a Hard Case for my paintball gear?

12 November 2009 - 08:19 AM

Get a Pelican case... they have loads of different sizes and you can get them with pluck-foam so you can customise it to hold whatever you want very snug. It would be no problem to get one to hold two markers, barrels, tank and hopper. But they are not cheap.. if you are really OCD this is honestly the only way to go, I know.

Pelican ftw