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Etek 3 vs Ego 09

18 November 2009 - 06:36 PM

Hi all,

This is my first thread here. I tried finding similar threads and posting there, but that didn't got the response I was expecting. I'm shooting an Ion Xe (clamping feedneck + firebolt) right now and although my skill-level has yet to outgrow the little Ion, I would very much like to get a nicer gun. I really love the Ego's but I really don't want to spend that much on a marker right now. So the new Etek3 caught my attention, it looks to be a very good deal for its price and it will be out very soon. But I think all Etek-owners would much rather be a Ego-owner, so I have been looking at used Ego's that are available in my area. Planet Eclipse is definatly the brand I want to get, I've heard wonderfull things about there customer service and there guns seem to be very well made, reliable and accurate. Plus they have a real eye for details and that tells enough about there products (just look at Apple products).

Which is truly the better gun, the better deal?
- Brand new Etek 3 (LT/AM)(just under 380euro/480euro)
- Used Ego 09 (around 600-700euro) or should I get it cheaper?
- Brand new Ego 09 (800-850euro)

Please base your response on actual real life experience (Ego 09) or facts about bouth guns. I would also appreciate some input from the Eclipse Tech-guys that are out there.

Cheers, Michiel.

PS: I know the vice is a probably a fantastic gun, but I can't find a dealer in my area.